Sunday, March 30, 2014

CASEd Mother's Day Mini

Yeah...the pink is Actually, I sprayed ONE coat of Tattered Angels Party Pink Glimmer Mist and boy howdy, it was one HELL of a party! A Pepto Bismol party, but party nonetheless. I put THREE coats of white acrylic paint over the ONE coat of pink. Can you imagine what it looked like? I hope not. This is my first mixed media attempt and I used the walkthrough from butterfly kisses. I also CASEd her book. The walkthroughs are here

One thing I learned is that if you purchase the G45 12x12, 2 8x8's, the 6x6 and all the chipboard, stickers, pocket tags and banners, you'll have one AWESOME mini book! Never mind that it'll cost you about 50 bucks per book!! It'll make you look like the crafting goddess everyone thinks I am!! (They DO think that...right?)  Thanks G45...thanks for creating all of this with only a crafter's happiness in mind, and not for filthy profit like the rest!! GAK!

This book was pretty easy...the entire thing isn't here, just in case mamacita decides to check out my blog. It was time consuming but I case a lot from butterfly kisses because she uses lots of accessories and her projects don't require the heavy artistic talent like xannero and myautumnsunset
and for that, I'm TOTALLY appreciative!!


I got 5 pocket pages, cut from G45 new lightweight chipboard and, with shipping, it was just over 4 bucks!!!! Becky of Becky's craft room ( does custom work for regular prices. She's got more Accucut stuff than...well...Accucut! Custom dies, etc. Also has a Pazzles and tons of items on hand or custom made, most with same-day shipping. I have not been compensated for this endorsement, btw. I'm just sharing the deals, baby! It's heaven for me because I have no intention of purchasing an Accucut or their dies for the occasional minis I do. But it's cheaper to order from her than doing it myself. How? Because you dull your cutting blades, find it impossible to cut AND score on chipboard, etc. She also has supplies. Send her an email and tell her Carmen-your personal icon and cult personality for the new millineum-suggested you purchase from her. You can also tell her that pretty much anything your idol (me) says to do, you find yourself compelled to do it. Well, you get the drift.

That's it for this project...I'll post the rest of the pics after Mother's Day.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the free adverts! Much appreciated! And everyone can track me down also at Carmen, your minis are great, oh brave one! And I can only imagine how bright that pink was, ughh. But you made it work, you win!