Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Calling all Jugheads! Word Week-Designer Paper

I'm trying to decide if making only two cards a week is the sign of a careful, thoughtful and deliberate artiste or just simply pitiful.

Not sure I want to answer that one.

Not sure I want YOU to answer that one either, people! 

I mean, I know you're a helpful bunch and all but there are times when you're a little too anxious to help. Know what I mean? Besides, I already have a mother and several other female family members who excel in doing that job already. And they're doing a bang-up job, if they say so themselves. 

SO...with that out of the way, we shall move on to the actual reason for this post and that is to enter the Just Us Girls Challenge #508 Designer Paper.

I used this god-awful white, embossed, one-step up from toilet paper crap (pun intended) on the front and back layer of the card. The ONLY reason it's there is because I'd come to far on the designer paper cake before I realized what happy-crappy stuff I was dealing with. What wasn't used here ended up in the trash can.

I used brushed gold DP, along with pearl trim and porcelain flowers to accent the cake. I though I was clever to use DP for the little green leaves for the flowers but since they're practically microscopic, I was the ijit. 

Look,,,the card looks fine. But I can promise you it'll be the ONLY one of its kind. Satan and his minions will be playing ice hockey before I attempt anything using this paper. It's awfully pretty...but reverse those two words and you've got what it's like to work with. HAH!

Thanks to Just Us Girls Challenge! Stop by and check them out!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2019


I'm so happy that the Card Concept 120 Cozy Cottage challenge dropped into my inbox right now!! It happens to be my mother's birthday (blog post about mamacita below) and she loves flowers. I, personally, happen to love blue and yellow, but especially sunflowers and delft patterns!! So, it was like total Kismet, baby...Kismet! 

I LOVED all the cards, but drew inspiration from Angel Rivera's Delft look and Betty Wright's Sunflowers. But I'm also a mixed media girl like Tangii Crain and Julie Gearinger???...but doesn't this smack of C&S just a bit like Susan Powel? It could sorta fit in the Classy and Elegant category Marcie Sharp, Mackie Robertson, and Nancy Penir, right? Granted, Classy and Layered like Michele Henderson and Maureen Plut might be a stretch, but after a glass or four of wine...OH *&^%^^ I DON"T KNOW! Let's just say everyone at The Card Concept influenced me in some way, shape or form. And that's the truth, my friends. 

This sunflower is made with McGill punches and they are so challenging that I've only made 3 in my lifetime. Mostly because to really make them beautiful I use Stampin' Up paper and it's 85lb paper. Difficult to punch and shape. But worth it!

Using thin manicure tape, I taped a grid, stamped using a background stamp and then carefully shaded the blocks to emulate the delft pattern before removing the tape. I stamped Happy Birthday on acetate. I thought about velum and ribbons, etc. but just didn't want to take away from the flower. I put a pearl on the inside of the stamen but covered most of it up. I just wanted a tiny hint to show.

Thanks to the Card Concept and Designers! 


**There are tutorials on pinterest and youtube on making these sunflowers. I have the actual McGill sheet and will be happy to email you the file if you like! Just email me at

McGill Paper Blossoms Punches: 
• 12 sets of shapes (only lg and next to lg) from Star Lily MCG64511 in SU! Daffodil Delight
• 1 shape from Lg. Highland Snowflake MCG64535 in SU! Old Olive
• 3 shapes from Sun MCG64533 in Brown and Black
• 4 shapes from Birch Leaf MCG64502 in SU! Old Olive
Penny Black Stamp-I can't find the name anywhere...sorry!
SU! Marina Mist
Vintage Photo Distress Ink
Black Staz-On

October 2nd is my mother's birthday. It's a day of celebration for everyone. It better be. 

My mom is STILL, at 7___, a beauty. Always has been, always will be.



My mother is classy, quiet, innocent, slim and stylish.

I, on the other hand, am none of these things, which further confirms my childhood suspicions that I was adopted.

But I DO think we've been good for each other. She has been a tremendous influence and help to me. She has always been my rock. I could not have asked for a better mother. I love her with every bit of my being. And no matter what, I know that whatever happens in my life, I can reach out and she'll be there.

Probably holding bail money.

(And for the LAST time...I swear, Ma...I did NOT cut the bathroom window sill with a knife back in 1978! That was the one-and, likely, only-thing of which I remain completely innocent! Besides, my irreproachable and seraphic brother must have a sin (or two) to call his own, or Jesus might be a tad miffed. I'm just sayin'...)

Love you, Mama!!