Thursday, July 31, 2014

Put a map on it-Ways to use it challenge at SCS

The part that took the longest was trying to remember the name of the item I wanted to model my card after! When I was little, my dad had this gorgeous mantelpiece made of dark cherry wood which housed 3 gauges. One was a barometer, temperature and a latitude/longitude. I remember all the gauges as having map faces and being housed in the gorgeous, shining gold. It was one of my favorite pieces in the house. When I saw the challenge was to put a map on it, this was the first thing that popped in my head! By the way...this would be called a 'weather station' or 'Magellan Mantelpiece'. After that search, the rest was a piece of cake. I punched the gold, texture dp with my 2.5 inch punch and the maps with the 2-1/4 one. I colored the SU! spinners and brad with gold mixative alcohol ink and put a thin strip of the gold DP a the top and bottom. Some mounting tape under the circles and-oh-I also sponged the cherry wood with Vintage Photo. I didn't put anything on the front because I never know if I'll use it as a birthday or other type of card, but I probably won't put anything on the front anyway! I like the way it looks.

I'm glad everything came together with this because
I didn't sit down to start on it until almost 5pm. I'd spent the last 4 hours cleaning out my teenage son's room. While he's on some 'Leadership Retreat' with his Jr. ROTC group, his MOTHER is sweeping out food and candy contraband, strangling on the combined dust and general teenage boy smell and tossing papers and progress reports that didn't seem to make it from school and into my hands, as was the intended sequence.

I hauled out cords to electronics I didn't know existed, underwear that fit him 3 years ago that were stuffed under the bed and shirts that STILL HAD TAGS ON THEM.

Needless to say, I'm exhausted. Not to mention just a little, tiny bit perturbed. Only a little, though. Despite all that, I'm still glad he's gone on the trip because, no matter what....

...he's got to come home, eventually. (evil grin)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Batik Resist Trees

First of all, thanks Dini, for the tutorial! I'd done batik resist, but never tried layering the images. I started out putting water and Sage Green on the paper and dried it. Then, I stamped 2 trees on either side and clear embossed. More water and Shabby Shutters. I stamped 2 more trees and a few of the 'background trees' and clear embossed. More water, peeled paint. A few more tops of trees and clear embossing. Last color was the Pine needles. As soon as I dried it, I ironed off the powder, stuck a Tim Holtz mirrored star and a label with the sentiment. I tried adding a ribbon and some other stuff...even an extra mat...and it didn't work. So, for once, I left well enough alone. And yes...this very well could be one of those 'end of the world' signs, because we know I am NEVER one to keep it simple! HAH! ;)

Another Teapotter Challenge....SUMMER CAMP!

Let me begin by giving props to some people...first, my tent design came from here and the suitcase outer sleeve came from fellow splitcoast stamper Lorrie and the 'fire' idea (which is the COOLEST EVER!!!) came from THIS incredible woman here (can you believe the fire is made from the stampin up BIRD punch??? That's right, the ACTUAL BIRD!) and the rest of this is...well...I have no one to blame but myself.

You see, I have BIG ideas. This approach leads to great stress issues for me. Because, 9 out of 10 times, I become a cautionary tale for 'grand ideas'. Not that there's anything wrong with big ideas! It's just that I can't quite get the things in my head to appear in real life. At the end of the day, I've had to accept the realities of life, such as there IS such a thing as too much scor-tape, there ARE things that Un-Du solvent simply CAN'T 'undu', and women who attempt manslaughter on their husbands always get caught.

Wait...scratch that last one. It belonged in another diatribe.

But at the end of this project, I can tell you that I learned the most important lesson that ANYONE can learn, when it comes to art and 'big ideas'.

And that is, at some point, you WILL finish that sucker. heh heh

Okay...on to the recipe. I used flower soft and the memory box tree leaf die to create the flower patches. The butterflies are from memory box and the rabbit is from Impression Obsession. The campfire was made using 3 birds from the bird punch from SU! and 2 word window punches, also from SU! The tent is covered in sticky canvas and inked with Brushed Corduroy and brown thread stands in for the lines. I made a small flap for the campfire and rabbit to aid in them being able to fold flat.


I found and fell in love with this site from Robert Sabuda He is the MAN when it comes to the pop-up...even Martha Stewart uses his designs!

I'm hoping that you're looking at this thinking 'Dang! That Carmen girl is talented, cuz this has to be HARD!"

That being said, it's so easy my 10-year-old could do it. If he wasn't being held hostage by his Playstation.

It's cut, color and paste. That's it. But the effect it amazing! This was my first endeavor. The site has all sorts of images. Just print on cardstock and you're on your way!


I was delighted with Sabrina's Try A New Technique challenge today! It's all about the pinwheels. This die and I weren't on speaking terms for the past year. The last time I used it, I remember launching it across the room after tearing through the holes on one of the wheels just one too many times. I can't provide a transcript of what was said...I'm pretty sure SCS would allow itself to implode before printing any of that mess. Suffice it to say, it wasn't a good time in my life.

Today, however, went a bit better. Will the pinwheels spin? Yep. Will they spin while attached to the card? Nope. I didn't put a banner on it because I'm not sure if I want to use it as a birthday card or something else. But I like the challenge and am pleased I finished one before midnight, for a change.

Featured Stamper Challenge

 Congrats to Heidi, our Featured Stamper!!

My intent was to have this finished a loooong time ago, but I made the mistake of sorting my dp and deciding to bundle it and sell off the extra. "To get ready for DTGD," I told myself. Next thing I knew, I'd listed about 20 stamp sets, paper, dies and Lord knows HOW many other stamp related items on Ebay and here at SCS. Next thing I know, it's 11pm here on the East Coast and I'm NOT going to bed until I finish this challenge!

I know you're thinking that I must be some Type A personality who can't quit until she finishes whatever it is she started. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's hilarious! Actually, I'm so good at saying "Yeah..I'm done...outta here." that I spend my LIFE trying to figure out how to maneuver around all the half-a***d things I've left lying around.

Trust me...I'd quit raising my kids if it weren't illegal.

But back to the 'why I HAD to finish the card'. The truth is, I saw this card in Heidi's gallery;ppuser=172325 and I KNEW that if I didn't make a poinsettia and satiate my craving for glitter, the wine rack would pay. And I hate to involve innocent wine in things that can easily be resolved with lots of sparkly stuff.

Side note: Last Christmas, during the great 'glitter war' (read my blog posts from last Dec.), my husband came stomping down the stairs yelling, "Do you see this??? DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE???" I had no idea what he was talking about, until he just happened to cross a shaft of light from a nearby window. It was pretty much a religious experience, people. For me, at least. My DH lit up with the most celestial, heavenly sparkle I've ever seen. I STILL get misty talking about it!

Unfortunately, my DH did NOT think it 'holy' or 'stunningly beautiful'. He thought it would reflect negatively on his masculinity and maturity.

This from a man who secretly uses moisturizer under his eyes and plays "Name the body function sounds" with our sons.

Since then, as evidenced by my gallery, the glitter usage has been at a bare minimum. Until now. THANK you Heidi!! Not only for having a fantastic gallery, but for giving me a reason to bask in that shimmer and sparkle I crave!

I'm off to shower off the evidence of the contraband. Have a good evening and, until tomorrow, I remain...

Sparkly Yours,

Summer Tag for Splitcoast Mix-Ability Challenge

 I'm starting to believe that there is logic in the actual 'planning' of a card, BEFORE you spend 7 hours messing around and trying to figure out how to fill the holes or panic over placement. The only thing I had figured out at the beginning was the paper piecing and the doll. I used a Bo Bunny pack called the "Prairie Chic Collection" and the doll, dress and tag was finished in less than an hour. The next 6 hours were spent trying and discarding flower arrangements, pouring over pinterest and google, and praying to the Lord to give me patience...because if He gave me strength, He was going to have to come up with bail money, too.

Alright. That's actually another stamp sentiment from Rubbernecker that came yesterday. I'm so tired I'm ripping off material.

As promised, here's the Recipe: Julia Nutting 'Megan', Dress was handcut, shaped and I cut and highlighted 'pleats'. Pink tulle was glued underneath to give the skirt some volume. I hot glued lace down the side, and the background of the tag is torn and paper pieced together. The purse was created using Stampin Up! Cupcake Punch (for the bottom) and the 3/4 circle punch (then cut in half) for the top of the purse. I found a small chain and glued to the purse and back of the doll's arm. I punched a doily shape from another SU! punch and placed a Prima wood button over it and tied with thread. The sentiment is from Rubbernecker Stamps.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lily on the Fly

I needed a quick card and here it is! I took the stamp and stamped it with Worn Lipstick on the top and Shabby Shutters on the bottom. While it was still wet, I started mixing in the Dr. Martin's watercolors. These are really vibrant colors and they ROCK! As I always do when my image is large, I kept the color panels monochrome. In retrospect, instead of white, I should've used 2 pink or lavender panels. Very light, of course, but it would've supported the image better. As it is, it'll make a nice thank you card for its intended. Lots to do today...I'm giving SCS Mixability Challenge a shot today...see you there!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bend Frame Tutorial from SCS and IO Challenge

Kittie C. just did a great tutorial on the Bendi Frame card at SCS. Here's my card. This adventure took several hours to pull together. I began by brayering the sky in yellow, orange and rust. I masked off the sun with a one inch circle. A small panel was sponged in blues for the oceans and a white gel pen and stickles formed the wave caps. The 'sand' was another venture into the world of that modeling..ummm..stuff that weighs about 6 pounds unless you use it sparingly. Which I usually don't. After, I cut 2 each of the cattails and grass borders to serve as sea grass and oats. I got that idea from Kittie as well! I'd seen her use it in a beach scene before...Ty Kittie! I colored them by sponging with green and brown distress inks and, in what I consider great personal success, forcibly restrained myself from the overwhelming impulse to use stickles to brighten them up (yeah..I have no idea what the devil THAT impulse had to do with) by occupying both hands with baked goods. The seagulls were the final touch, stuck in place with glue dots. I'm also entering this into the IO Challenge 'Nautical Theme'

Accessories:  Impression Obsession Cattail Die
                      Impression Obsession Sea Birds Die 
                     Impression Obsession Grass Border Die
Ink: SU! Tangerine, daffodil, really rust Distress Inks tumbled glass, broken china, salty ocean, dusty concord 
Paper: PTI White

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fishing, Fretting and Fussing-Teapot Challenge for my step-father Joe

When Sheri asked what a good theme for my step-dad would be, I immediately said "Fishing!". Afterwards, I spent the next 24 hours, vowing never to tell the truth again.

You see, the truth doesn't always set you free. It can actually enslave you and cost you precious time, money and whatever peace of mind you've managed to salvage as a hostage of the little militant army in your house you gave birth to. Of all the 27 thousand dollars in stamps I've purchased (upfront as well as with embezzled funds from the grocery budget and maybe a SMALL loan or 9 from the kid's college funds) can you guess the ONE stamp I DON'T possess in ANY form?

Yep. You got it.

Had I not been so inclined to tell the truth, I would've taken a mental inventory of stamps I DO have and replied with a theme that calls for plenty of those stamps and the style to go with it. Of course, Sheri might've questioned my response of "Pretty Pink Princess' and Flower Fairies! Yes. I'm sure. Joe is TOTALLY into that!", but I would've been able to pop out a card, secure in the knowledge that, not only would I get to play with plenty of sequins and stickles, those who might possibly question my step-father's 'likes', would probably never meet him.

Not having anything that would work, I turned to the computer. I don't have much experience with digi stamps, and it's not that I don't like the concept, it's just that the extent of my computer knowledge is equal to that of whomever happens to be in my scream range. But I stumbled on this wonderful image and purchased it.

I immediately downloaded and clicked 'print'. 17 pages later, I realized that a resizing was a necessity and I would have to scream...I mean 'call' the pros in. Thank goodness my husband (along with the rest of the neighborhood AND our community emergency response team) responded quickly. With help, I DID manage to get it down to a workable size.

It didn't take me long to watercolor, and I was pleased that I would be able to get this uploaded earlier than my usual 5pm. Unfortunately, it was about that time my OCD woke up and, probably unhappy I was a little low on coffee and had allowed the cereal boxes to fall out of alphabetical order, began nagging me to add a lure to accent the card.

"Come on," my OCD whispered, "you can do it! You'll have to run to the store for beads and while you're out, you can grab a Whopper and then a frozen yogurt for desert to cancel it out. Oh! And don't you DARE forget the coffee. The cereal boxes we'll deal with tonight. You know, right after you go to bed and just before you drift off to sleep? Yeah, I'll make sure to pop in at that moment to remind you that Froot Loops NEVER come after Fruit and Raisin (the fact Froot should be spelled "Fruit" does NOT count as a technicality) and you can fix it then. Ok? Ok. We're good."

So, it was on to the store and the result is this fabulous lure, made from a feather, beads, glossy accents and Bowdabra wire.

Thanks again for doing this for Joe and if you don't send a card, that's ok too! I know how it feels for things to be overwhelming. Besides, numbers of cards notwithstanding, I know you all care and you're always here for me, along with anyone that needs some cheering up...I home you know I'm here for you, too. Love and hugs again, my friends!!

Image from Mo Manning Digital Pencil
Distress Ink Watercolor
Paper from PTI, SU! and Authentique 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tim Holtz 12 Tags Challenge


Finally. After saying I was going to take the jump into Tim Holtz's 12 Tags challenge, I sucked it up and DID it!

This month featured an under the sea theme. Using Tim's large die, I cut the Seahorse. Following his tutorial, I ran my tag through various Distress Inks. Salty Ocean, Tumbled Glass and Broken China were the main colors, but I tossed in a little Dusty Concord and Mustard Seed as well. I also took my Distress Marker air spritzer and sprayed the tag with Dusty Concord. I covered the tag with Ranger clear acetate (I think it's acetate) that I ran through the Bubbles Embossing Folder and stapled it onto the tag in the areas I planned to cover later. 

I coated the seahorse with a combo of Wild Honey, Salty Ocean and Tumbled Glass Distress Inks. I finished him off with a coat of clear crackle paint and put Vintage Photo stain over that to give it extra texture. I used the small starfish cut from the small silver dollar movers and shapers die. The sand dollar is actually handmade. I traced and fussy cut it from a computer printout and covered it with Antique Linen and Wild Honey. Then, I melted UTEE over it and the starfish and the Sand Dollar to give it a grainy finish. The Spring Greenery I went over with various green and blue distress inks as well as Vintage Photo. The 'coral' is actually a bare branch die that I colored with Rusty Hinge. The sand is from Tim's tutorial and it is amazing!

Finally, the band. I grabbed one that said 'Encourage your hopes, not your fears'. That suited me, perfectly.

This was so fun and so exciting to do! I've never done something this heavy on the mixed media before and was surprised that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Join the tag tutorial and challenge, here

Thanks, Tim!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Love and Lillies

I began with heat embossing my stamped image on pink vellum. I loved the sequin trim I got from Hobby Lobby, but couldn't work it in on the card as an I made a frame from it! When there's a will...I cut the lily from white paper and used pan pastels to color and copics to put the freckles on the petals. I learned this from a great tutorial on Kittie C's blog here I used hot glue on the flower, greenery and tulle. I used the gorgeous back of this girl's wedding dress at the perfect palette here

Country Curtains

When it comes to decorating styles, my mother loves the French Country style. Mine is more 'eclectic'. Which is a nice way of saying "cast-off and garage sale chic". Any of you who have more than one Y Chromosome running around in your house, probably have the same decorating style. Boys can make any area resemble a war zone in mere minutes. One day, I may develop a style, but only on that day when the last one turns 18 and I change the alarm code for the last time, will I be able to figure it out.

Today's inspiration challenge is 'Country Curtains' and I genuinely like the website. I loved the seaside lines and toile, but I wanted to push myself out of those comfort zones and work with patterns I didn't really care for. I picked up this 6x6 paper pad at Hobby Lobby a year ago. It was half-price and, comfort zone notwithstanding, I ain't turning down half-price!! It's the only one of its kind in my craftroom, and has never been used til today. I saw this quilt pattern on the website and it became my inspiration. Not only was this a first in color and style for me, it's the FIRST time I used the sewing machine I purchased a year ago and JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO USE!!! Sort of. I managed to keep it sort of straight around the edges and did NOT injure myself!! That's SUCCESS in my book, people! After the fact, I realized I should've used a navy thread but I let it go...I'd had ALL the success I needed for one day.

The paper I sewed to the mat was so pretty, I couldn't think of anything I could do that would make it worth covering up. So, I took a second sheet and fussy cut several balloons, which I attached over each one's mate with mounting tape. Then I set 2 eyelets, punched out 5 banners with letters spelling "Merci" and glued them to the twine I strung through the eyelets. I feel like I totally cheated but DANG!! That was GREAT paper!!! I totally blame the paper company for making such spectacular paper. Feel free to do that as well.

Fintastic!!! SCS Gate Fold Challenge

This idea centered around some cute 'bubble' printed paper I saw online. Since I own enough paper to scare the trees within a 100 mile radius, I never worry about having themed paper. I always have something close. Until now. So, having fixated on bubble themed paper, there was no way I would be able to shift mental gears and come up with another plan. I happen to be a professional obsessive-compulsive, mind you. Not one of these upstarts who can just drop everything and trot down another creative path. Pffft. Quitters.

So, not having bubble paper, I had to make my own. Which I did, with Distress Ink and a bubble stencil. The mermaid was colored with copics and, having forgotten how to operate a basic shaker cup, stuck the actual picture on the back of the cup, instead of acetate. There are some pretty pink sequins at the bottom of the cup and there they'll stay...the fit was a bit too tight for any kind of shaker action. I dressed everything up with some dies I hoped you would be kind enough to see the resemblance to undersea greenery. The front was made with a square nesting die.

A Truck for Mr. Black

This card is for Mr. Black, who is going through a rough patch. He is a car aficionado, and I've had this IO stamp for AGES, so it seemed like a good match. Growing up on a dairy farm, trucks like this were common. Rusted to the bone but more dependable than any car I've owned in my life!! Even though I might have to pop the clutch to get it started (while being towed along by a tractor) and learning to shift 'three on a tree' was significantly more complicated than 'four on the floor', (though not as ruinous to our culture as the evil automatic) it makes me pine for days past. I'm pretty sure Mr. Black feels the same way. Inside, there's a "Wishing you a speedy recovery...Get Well Soon!" which I HOPE qualifies for an uplifting message. If that doesn't cut it, here's what I wrote: "While we don't know each other, I understand a lot of what you're going through with your health issues. But remember, old trucks may get rusty, but they're more useful and dependable than ANY of today's models! So know that, despite the hard days, you are more valuable and necessary to those who love you, with each passing day!"

I hope it helps. :)

Watercolor with Distress Inks

Stamp by Impression Obsession

SCS Featured Stamper Challenge-Karen J.

Every Sunday, Splitcoast has their Featured Stamper challenge. An SCS member is chosen, and we go to his or her gallery to CASE (copy and share everything) one of their cards. Today is a member named Karen J. and her gallery is fantastic! This is my CASE of one of her cards. 

I loved the CAS (clean and simple) look and the blending of greens. I almost triggered a national security response with the threats I was making to the somewhat unruly hemp cord, but once my fat fingers got the hang of it, I was able to ameliorate (ty, word of the day!) the situation.
I masked off the panel with, um, masking paper stuff, and sponged green after green distress ink (with a touch of vintage photo in the middle) and stamped the fern and french words with archival ink. Then, I took off the masky thing and stamped the two maple leaves. This caused me much consternation (Tuesday's word) because when I CASE, I CASE. If I were to change 2 or 3 things, it would pretty much be a new card and I would be showing it off in another gallery as my original masterpiece. So, not having the leaves Karen used gave me a bit of a panic attack, until I sternly told myself it was unacceptable to stress over a stamped leaf when there were people in this world who were hungry, under-medicated and very poor.

Then, I realized I WAS one of those people. So I felt better. Or worse. Whatever the case may be.

Anyway, if you think YOU'RE confused by this post, imagine how I'M feeling! Which is why I'm on my way to the buy/sell forum to find Karen's leaf stamp to purchase, thus making everything okay again. In my world, at least.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

They LIKE me! They really, really LIKE me!!

I woke this morning to find this card had been chosen as the Splitcoast Color Challenge favorite for last week's challenge. Now, the PLAN is that I casually mention that and talk about how I just threw the card together, and how I was pleasantly surprised the card was chosen.

But I'm not much for following the 'plan'. 

The TRUTH is as follows: I spent six...that's right...SIX hours on this thing!!! I had to use 3 different colors: Coral, yellow and green. The other part of the challenge was to use a unique shape for a card. Well, I did it. But I can tell you that the air probably turned blue from my cursing as I tried to get this thing right!!! 

As to my reaction when finding my card was chosen, suffice it to say I was pretty much on the floor, staring at the ceiling-due to shock, not wine, this time-and when I pulled myself together, I ran upstairs with laptop in hand and all but brained my husband in my attempt to show him the winner's badge (conveniently located to your left). 

I felt so vindicated! He squinted at the badge, stared at the card, and said, "Wow! You got that for 4k? Imagine what you'll get after spending the NEXT 4k!"

I know, you're surprised he's still drawing a breath. But he had me dead to rights. There wasn't much I could do. He's in-between switching life insurance companies and he knows one of my biggest fears is having to raise our children without a rear he knew he was safe.

For now.

So, no casual, airily spoken words for me. I actually screamed "OMG!" and danced around the kitchen. Partly in celebration, partly to annoy the kids. Killing two birds with one stone, people. It's rare I get a chance to do it.

Thanks, SCS!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Faux REAL, Y'all!!

I made this for the MIX69 challenge at Splitcoast called 'Faux Tiles'. I'm about 3 or 17 months behind in my mixed media challenges...mostly because I have enough trouble trying to create in ONE medium. Unless the second medium is 'wine', I'm a little out of my league.

One of the "interesting" (and by interesting, I mean crazy, nonsensical and completely inexplicable) outcomes of the conjugal visits between my OCD and ADD, is how I'll get locked onto a word or phrase which will trigger this repetitive behavior guaranteed to drive you AND me completely insane. Allow me to give you an example:

The word 'faux'. As soon as I began this challenge, my OCD and ADD immediately produced a fixation on the word. Then I began whispering every variation in which I could substitute the word 'Faux' and would continue until I either became obsessed with something else (I'm honestly a psychiatric underachiever...only one neurosis at a time) or drank myself to sleep.

So, from the time I began this challenge until now, I've been saying "Faux sure, baby!" when my husband asked me something, to telling the kids to "go get a water Faux yo mama" Once I said this, however, I REALLY got myself into trouble. Because I inadvertently went from a simple word fixation into a complete behavior change. From just being simply annoying by substituting the word 'faux' for 'for', I transitioned into white girl rap mode, which is an atrocity of its own.

I mean, really...does ANY 46-year-old country Baptist girl with 4 boys NEED to be rapping along with Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur? Even Joe Biden has more street cred than I do!

It's not just the lack of street cred that's the problem, it's the way I can croon things like "and even though you was a crack fiend, mama, you always was black queen, mama," as if my own 70 year old uber-religious mother indulged in-or even understood-crack.

Everyone I know HATES anything that triggers my rap mode. Especially my kids. They hate it so much that when I go to them to ask about the latest rap jargon, they intentionally give me the wrong answers. Like when, upon learning all the lyrics for Notorious BIG's "Juicy", I went to them and asked what the words "endo, bamboo and sippin on private stock" meant. They responded that endo was obviously a reference to Star Wars Ewoks and their planet Endor, bamboo is a tropical island and/or setting and private stock was obviously Biggie's investment portfolio.

How did I figure out they were lying? I KNOW Private Stock is a liquor.  I'm not THAT gullible!

Bottom line is that I'm firmly entrenched in rap mode, now, thanks to a mixed media challenge. My family has threatened to leave, my friends won't answer the phone and about 700 people dropped me from Facebook. But I'm really fine with all gives me more time to reflect, create art, and rap to my heart's content.

And once I finish memorizing the rap jargon from 1992, I'll move on to 93.

Recipe: I blended the Lemonade, Marmalade and Lipstick with blending tools on my cardstock. Then I took my masking tape roll and laid the wide strips diagonally, one way. After sponging the black into the thin areas, I removed the tape and arranged it the opposite way to form the diamond pattern. I hate you can't see the next part but I was feeling a little goofy and, after cutting the word thanks from white cardstock, I coated it with gesso and hit it with the heat gun. It gives it this cool, puffy and textured look.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dirty Spies Down Under!!

Dirty Spies CASE of designer Susie W.'s design HERE

This was my second month in the Dirty Spies Challenge. The idea is to CASE a card by one of the Dirty Girls at Splitcoast. Now, I'm not going to give any more details because, just typing 'Dirty Girls' is good for about 10 thousand blog hits. I don't want to be greedy.

Susie is from Australia. Although we've never really talked about it, I really thinks she feels the same as I do about art, life and the fact we really need to change the spelling of her country to Aus-TRAIL-ia. It's how I've always pronounced it and I'm too old in my ways to do anything about it now. They just need to change it already.

I really love what Susie does with her art. She isn't afraid to put it all out there. I can't tell you how many projects I start, then trash because it looks too outlandish...even for ME. I see stamping/papercrafting as lots of flowers and cute bugs. Like ladybugs and whimsical spiders. No roaches or stink bugs. They're just not cute...even in whimsy.

But Susie does what she loves. Just like Kittie C., who was my first Dirty Spies CASE and one of my idols. They both do exactly what they love and it SHOWS!!! That's why I CASE's not the techniques...Hell, I can CASE the best of them. But creating is where I draw a blank. I swear to you...I actually feel like I'm having panic attacks sometimes! A 4.25 x 5.5 inch card looks small, but it's a lot of white space to fill when you don't have a clue about what to do with it!

 I also love her humor. No one laughed harder (or probably even understood, except for me) how you can start with stamping and end up having to replace sheet rock. You're talking to someone who ended up in the ER, injured with STICKLES, for God's sake!! I wonder how many people actually thought about creating a brayer out of a plastic baggie and a link of frozen sausage? Except for ME? Huh??? Huh???? I'm telling you, she's funny!

At the end of the day, thank you, Susie! You're an awesome lady. I love your work and the person you are. There's a joy in creating art, no matter what medium you're in. And Susie has found it. I love her for that!

Recipe: I started with a whole lotta praying. I don't know if it helped the piece but it kept me from dissolving into histrionics. For now. But I embossed the tag (which I painted first with black acrylic) with a folder called 'Tiny Mosaic'. I ordered it off of Ebay from the UK. None to be found here.  I used versa mark all over the front and covered with clear embossing powder. I used a Julia Nutting stamp, which I fussy cut. I colored her skin in E21, her hair in some kind of yellow and used red, sparkle embossing powder on her head band. Tiny, red crystals formed her necklace and bracelet. I covered a sheet of cardstock in Ranger adhesive backed foil. I embossed half with a bird theme folder and a dot folder on the other half. I stamped the doll image on the back and cut it out, forming the skirt and, after stamping again, the top. I cut the pleats from the image on the stamp and just took thin slices out to separate them a bit, then put a bit of black tulle underneath. The Memory Box die on the left was cut from silver, mirror paper and the roses were from an MFT set.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oh, Baby! Freshly Made Sketches #143

I've been playing around with creating layers without creating bulk. This was a perfect sketch to practice with. It has been a while since I've like a sketch as much as this one! The circle was watercolored after I cut the word 'baby' from it. I also kept the bits I knew I'd need to fit back into the die cut and watercolored them as well. My first layer is embossed dots. The ribbon and the paper banner make up the top two layers and some sequins to finish it off. Thanks for letting us play, FMS!

UPDATE!! OMG...this card was chosen as a CAS favorite at Splitcoast Stampers!! This is HUGE for me! I've been slogging away at trying to improve my CAS work for over a year and this is the FIRST time I've ever had any CAS work mentioned. I created this card for FMS, but I usually post my work there, too. I'm dancing with joy! But I'm stopping now...I don't want to break a hip. heh heh

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stars and Bars

New Memory Box die, Star Garland! Couldn't WAIT to use it! Just rolled some 1 inch strips through the wave roller and cut the garland from SU! Glimmer Paper. This looks so involved, doesn't it? Why don't y'all do me a favor and continue thinking so! I'm feeling a little low on 'fabulousness' lately, so help a sistah out, why dontcha?? MWAAAAAH!