Sunday, July 20, 2014

SCS Featured Stamper Challenge-Karen J.

Every Sunday, Splitcoast has their Featured Stamper challenge. An SCS member is chosen, and we go to his or her gallery to CASE (copy and share everything) one of their cards. Today is a member named Karen J. and her gallery is fantastic! This is my CASE of one of her cards. 

I loved the CAS (clean and simple) look and the blending of greens. I almost triggered a national security response with the threats I was making to the somewhat unruly hemp cord, but once my fat fingers got the hang of it, I was able to ameliorate (ty, word of the day!) the situation.
I masked off the panel with, um, masking paper stuff, and sponged green after green distress ink (with a touch of vintage photo in the middle) and stamped the fern and french words with archival ink. Then, I took off the masky thing and stamped the two maple leaves. This caused me much consternation (Tuesday's word) because when I CASE, I CASE. If I were to change 2 or 3 things, it would pretty much be a new card and I would be showing it off in another gallery as my original masterpiece. So, not having the leaves Karen used gave me a bit of a panic attack, until I sternly told myself it was unacceptable to stress over a stamped leaf when there were people in this world who were hungry, under-medicated and very poor.

Then, I realized I WAS one of those people. So I felt better. Or worse. Whatever the case may be.

Anyway, if you think YOU'RE confused by this post, imagine how I'M feeling! Which is why I'm on my way to the buy/sell forum to find Karen's leaf stamp to purchase, thus making everything okay again. In my world, at least.


  1. Well, running off to buy new stamps explains the 'poor' thing, and the fact that you think you need the same things in order to CASE explains the 'under-medicated', but I'm in a conundrum (word of the day) linking 'hungry' to 'fat fingers'. Hehehe!
    Card is beautiful!

  2. It's genetic. I'm totally convinced. ;)