Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tim's Tags June 2016

I can't believe it's almost the end of June. 

I also can't believe I'm 48, still chubby, with the same unruly hair, and STILL accompanied by my ever constant companions OCD and ADHD. Both of which are pretty much as underachieving as I am. You'd think that with the two of them hanging around, by definition, I would have a really clean house and constant output of creative work. But that's not the case. 

No one but yours truly could screw up not one, but TWO anxiety-based psychological disorders. 

It's not that I don't WANT a clean house, it's just that when faced with the vast devastation of my abode, courtesy of one hyperactive ten year old and two angst ridden Y chromosomes running around, I'm worn out just THINKING about what it would take to get this place into even a quasi-liveable state. 

It wouldn't be so bad if it were just the three Y chromosomes uniting to leave their possessions all over the floor (to include the Lego bricks that I decided to leave in the carpet, in case a totally inept burglar decides we actually have something that is worth stealing, and breaks in. One step on a pile of Legos and he'd be begging me to shoot him.) or leave scraps and piles of drool around their feeding troughs (aka the kitchen table) make a united effort in destroying everything in their path together as a single, united force of domestic destruction. I could handle that a bit better than the reality, I believe. Especially when the reality is having the 10 year old leave every possession he has ever owned-or stolen-lying around in the house, followed by my 12 year old pre-teen camouflaging himself in all that mess, so that he may enjoy his contraband (soft drinks, candy and youtube) in relative peace. Not so bad until you refer back to sentences #4 and 5 in this paragraph, and realize he's leaving food invites for every ant and 'Palmetto Bug' (read: Flying Roach) in the Southern Hemisphere to come join the party. 

If that's not enough, the 17 year old has to join in the fun by lying on every fabric covered piece of furniture I own, and leaving his own, distinct and very unique smell on all of them. That smell that says "I am a teenage male and I believe deodorant is a choice and not a necessity. Oh...and I also believe that I'm going to graduate from high school and land a job that will pay six figures and ask nothing more than my showing up on time and being sociable. And while we're at it, I'm convinced my parents are completely ignorant of life as a teenager because THEIR experiences as a teenager were TOTALLY different than mine."

Don't get me wrong...I'm totally grateful for the little termites. I adore them. But my OCD and ADHD aren't really as appreciative. So, I just ignore the disaster that is my home, buy cases of Ant and Roach killer, and shut myself in my craft room. This way, everyone-from my minions to my anxiety disorders-is happy.

All except the roaches, I'd think.

Tim Holtz Tag Info-

Tim's plain tissue wrap stamped in black, red and green adirondack ink using a music background stamp and Deco Christmas CMS176. Using green and red distress ink, I stamped the beige fabric from Tim's Textile pack with his winter sweater stamp. The die was cut using movers and shapers tin soldier and 'staff' is the long arrow from Idea-ology line. Charms also from Tim's Idea-ology line. Letters were printed in green and I used Crystal Accents to form 'glass' over them. Poinsettia cut from red flocked paper and green cardstock.