Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Featured Stamper Challenge

 Congrats to Heidi, our Featured Stamper!!

My intent was to have this finished a loooong time ago, but I made the mistake of sorting my dp and deciding to bundle it and sell off the extra. "To get ready for DTGD," I told myself. Next thing I knew, I'd listed about 20 stamp sets, paper, dies and Lord knows HOW many other stamp related items on Ebay and here at SCS. Next thing I know, it's 11pm here on the East Coast and I'm NOT going to bed until I finish this challenge!

I know you're thinking that I must be some Type A personality who can't quit until she finishes whatever it is she started. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's hilarious! Actually, I'm so good at saying "Yeah..I'm done...outta here." that I spend my LIFE trying to figure out how to maneuver around all the half-a***d things I've left lying around.

Trust me...I'd quit raising my kids if it weren't illegal.

But back to the 'why I HAD to finish the card'. The truth is, I saw this card in Heidi's gallery;ppuser=172325 and I KNEW that if I didn't make a poinsettia and satiate my craving for glitter, the wine rack would pay. And I hate to involve innocent wine in things that can easily be resolved with lots of sparkly stuff.

Side note: Last Christmas, during the great 'glitter war' (read my blog posts from last Dec.), my husband came stomping down the stairs yelling, "Do you see this??? DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE???" I had no idea what he was talking about, until he just happened to cross a shaft of light from a nearby window. It was pretty much a religious experience, people. For me, at least. My DH lit up with the most celestial, heavenly sparkle I've ever seen. I STILL get misty talking about it!

Unfortunately, my DH did NOT think it 'holy' or 'stunningly beautiful'. He thought it would reflect negatively on his masculinity and maturity.

This from a man who secretly uses moisturizer under his eyes and plays "Name the body function sounds" with our sons.

Since then, as evidenced by my gallery, the glitter usage has been at a bare minimum. Until now. THANK you Heidi!! Not only for having a fantastic gallery, but for giving me a reason to bask in that shimmer and sparkle I crave!

I'm off to shower off the evidence of the contraband. Have a good evening and, until tomorrow, I remain...

Sparkly Yours,

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