Tuesday, July 15, 2014

They LIKE me! They really, really LIKE me!!

I woke this morning to find this card had been chosen as the Splitcoast Color Challenge favorite for last week's challenge. Now, the PLAN is that I casually mention that and talk about how I just threw the card together, and how I was pleasantly surprised the card was chosen.

But I'm not much for following the 'plan'. 

The TRUTH is as follows: I spent six...that's right...SIX hours on this thing!!! I had to use 3 different colors: Coral, yellow and green. The other part of the challenge was to use a unique shape for a card. Well, I did it. But I can tell you that the air probably turned blue from my cursing as I tried to get this thing right!!! 

As to my reaction when finding my card was chosen, suffice it to say I was pretty much on the floor, staring at the ceiling-due to shock, not wine, this time-and when I pulled myself together, I ran upstairs with laptop in hand and all but brained my husband in my attempt to show him the winner's badge (conveniently located to your left). 

I felt so vindicated! He squinted at the badge, stared at the card, and said, "Wow! You got that for 4k? Imagine what you'll get after spending the NEXT 4k!"

I know, you're surprised he's still drawing a breath. But he had me dead to rights. There wasn't much I could do. He's in-between switching life insurance companies and he knows one of my biggest fears is having to raise our children without a rear flank...so he knew he was safe.

For now.

So, no casual, airily spoken words for me. I actually screamed "OMG!" and danced around the kitchen. Partly in celebration, partly to annoy the kids. Killing two birds with one stone, people. It's rare I get a chance to do it.

Thanks, SCS!


  1. Too funny. This had me laughing out loud. I like to put my own twist on things. One thought was good thing you didn't brain your husband, men can cause enough trouble now...can you imagine what they could get into if they had brains!? The other was what did the poor birds do to you...couldn't kill your husband so you had to take it out on them. (See, I really do get up way too early in the morning and get to work when I am in fact still in REM sleep. Just my twisted early morning mind having even more fun with your very funny story.)

  2. Well deserved!- your card is beautiful! I'm here from SCS - your "HAD to start a blog" remark got me! I'm going to sign on as a follower but if I have to go to Google to pick up entries I may never see you again - (I need an email reminder about such things)...but it's worth a try. I like your sense of humor and your writing and your card crafting. Yes, I really like you!

    1. Just did some more reading about Google Connect. That's not going to work - I don't have a blog, website, I only have email.

    2. Pat-ty so much!!! I totally made the connection and YES...a blog is EASY...you can do it. Go to blogger.com and just sign up. It's free and they'll walk you through every bit of it. Some parts are a pain, but Shona walked me through it and I'll do the same for you. Write me at salome000@aol.com and we'll get you going in the right direction! I love your work and I think you DEFINITELY need a blog!!!

    3. Carmen - I so appreciate your offer to get me on a blog but, honestly, by the time I surf SCS and attendant blogs I scarcely get any card-making done. I have discovered I can go to my "History" and pick up your blog address though, which is how I got back here tonight!

  3. LOL, always love to read your posts. WOWSA on the card, it's fantastic! Much deserved congrats!

  4. Ahh, husbands..... Can't live with them and not allowed to bury them in the backyard.*sigh*
    Congratulations! This is one heck of a card! I can certainly see it taking six hours. I'd probably have spent at least three of those hours chasing the teeny tiny die cuts across the floor!