Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fishing, Fretting and Fussing-Teapot Challenge for my step-father Joe

When Sheri asked what a good theme for my step-dad would be, I immediately said "Fishing!". Afterwards, I spent the next 24 hours, vowing never to tell the truth again.

You see, the truth doesn't always set you free. It can actually enslave you and cost you precious time, money and whatever peace of mind you've managed to salvage as a hostage of the little militant army in your house you gave birth to. Of all the 27 thousand dollars in stamps I've purchased (upfront as well as with embezzled funds from the grocery budget and maybe a SMALL loan or 9 from the kid's college funds) can you guess the ONE stamp I DON'T possess in ANY form?

Yep. You got it.

Had I not been so inclined to tell the truth, I would've taken a mental inventory of stamps I DO have and replied with a theme that calls for plenty of those stamps and the style to go with it. Of course, Sheri might've questioned my response of "Pretty Pink Princess' and Flower Fairies! Yes. I'm sure. Joe is TOTALLY into that!", but I would've been able to pop out a card, secure in the knowledge that, not only would I get to play with plenty of sequins and stickles, those who might possibly question my step-father's 'likes', would probably never meet him.

Not having anything that would work, I turned to the computer. I don't have much experience with digi stamps, and it's not that I don't like the concept, it's just that the extent of my computer knowledge is equal to that of whomever happens to be in my scream range. But I stumbled on this wonderful image and purchased it.

I immediately downloaded and clicked 'print'. 17 pages later, I realized that a resizing was a necessity and I would have to scream...I mean 'call' the pros in. Thank goodness my husband (along with the rest of the neighborhood AND our community emergency response team) responded quickly. With help, I DID manage to get it down to a workable size.

It didn't take me long to watercolor, and I was pleased that I would be able to get this uploaded earlier than my usual 5pm. Unfortunately, it was about that time my OCD woke up and, probably unhappy I was a little low on coffee and had allowed the cereal boxes to fall out of alphabetical order, began nagging me to add a lure to accent the card.

"Come on," my OCD whispered, "you can do it! You'll have to run to the store for beads and while you're out, you can grab a Whopper and then a frozen yogurt for desert to cancel it out. Oh! And don't you DARE forget the coffee. The cereal boxes we'll deal with tonight. You know, right after you go to bed and just before you drift off to sleep? Yeah, I'll make sure to pop in at that moment to remind you that Froot Loops NEVER come after Fruit and Raisin (the fact Froot should be spelled "Fruit" does NOT count as a technicality) and you can fix it then. Ok? Ok. We're good."

So, it was on to the store and the result is this fabulous lure, made from a feather, beads, glossy accents and Bowdabra wire.

Thanks again for doing this for Joe and if you don't send a card, that's ok too! I know how it feels for things to be overwhelming. Besides, numbers of cards notwithstanding, I know you all care and you're always here for me, along with anyone that needs some cheering up...I home you know I'm here for you, too. Love and hugs again, my friends!!

Image from Mo Manning Digital Pencil
Distress Ink Watercolor
Paper from PTI, SU! and Authentique 

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  1. I love the card - definitely worth what you went through to get it done! Also love your storytelling and your sense of humor. I thoroughly understand the being as good as whoever is in screaming range...that's the only way. imho. Thanks for sharing.