Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Calling all Jugheads! Word Week-Designer Paper

I'm trying to decide if making only two cards a week is the sign of a careful, thoughtful and deliberate artiste or just simply pitiful.

Not sure I want to answer that one.

Not sure I want YOU to answer that one either, people! 

I mean, I know you're a helpful bunch and all but there are times when you're a little too anxious to help. Know what I mean? Besides, I already have a mother and several other female family members who excel in doing that job already. And they're doing a bang-up job, if they say so themselves. 

SO...with that out of the way, we shall move on to the actual reason for this post and that is to enter the Just Us Girls Challenge #508 Designer Paper.

I used this god-awful white, embossed, one-step up from toilet paper crap (pun intended) on the front and back layer of the card. The ONLY reason it's there is because I'd come to far on the designer paper cake before I realized what happy-crappy stuff I was dealing with. What wasn't used here ended up in the trash can.

I used brushed gold DP, along with pearl trim and porcelain flowers to accent the cake. I though I was clever to use DP for the little green leaves for the flowers but since they're practically microscopic, I was the ijit. 

Look,,,the card looks fine. But I can promise you it'll be the ONLY one of its kind. Satan and his minions will be playing ice hockey before I attempt anything using this paper. It's awfully pretty...but reverse those two words and you've got what it's like to work with. HAH!

Thanks to Just Us Girls Challenge! Stop by and check them out!!!


  1. OMG! What a fabulous wedding or Birthday card. Love the texture of both the cake and the background. Well done and no two a week is not pitiful at all! Thanks for joining us this week for Word Week!

  2. This card looks so beautiful. Noticed you said the paper was junky but it sure looks wonderful embossed like that. Love the texture you added to that cake- such a great 3-D look to it. Outstanding job!

  3. I"m sorry that paper gave you such fits because it sure looks lovely behind your beautifully detailed cake. Thanks for sharing your card with us at Just Us Girls.