Monday, November 4, 2019

The Card Concept-Sliding Under the Wire

Well, aren't you some lucky folks today????

You'll be spared my usual mania and OCD rants and my silly natterings. Why? Because I've two hours to pull several days of work together in the entry and get it posted. And if you only KNEW all of the pain, suffering and curse words I've run through...let's just say there's not a rosary that's going to be up to the job of the Acts of Contrition I'M going to have to serve.

But I digress.

ALL I could think of when I saw the inspiration image was the door. And I HAD to make it.

Needless to say, my card is in the mixed media style!

I started with the Tim Holtz Arch Frame. I hand cut the pieces to mimic the door. I used the thin, wood paper birch sheets you can get at Hobby Lobby or Amazon. I used Vintage Photo ink to make it dark.

Using acetate, a flourish stamp and Staz-On, I stamped the acetate on the reverse to mimic the iron work

Okay.  THIS is the part I LOVE!!!
I use Bromley Craft Products. They are located in the UK but I'm sure you can find them in the US. I've just always ordered from them. I have brick, slate, stone and field stone stencils and the powder to match. You add water, get a thick consistency (just keep thinking "does this look like it'll run under the stencil dividers?") and slather it on. You cannot mess it up. Seriously. Just LOOK WHO IS TELLING YOU THIS!

Spray re-positionable tacky spray on your stencil. 

Using Brick Red, Vintage Photo, Hickory Smoke and Antique Linen I layered the brick with the colors in the picture. 

Then, taking two miniature wreaths I found in a junk bin some time ago, I cut everything off, spray painted them white and took red and orange pieces from some fake foliage I had on hand. 

I'm no hand at tying bows but did my best. I had some already made flowers on hand and dyed them with some Brick Red reinker.

Then I made pots with metallic paper and used this great stuff that miniature railroaders use called "Foliage Clusters". 

Squeeze them into the shape you want on an armature (I used wire bent into a general bush shape) and glued it to it, baby!

Last but not least! I happened to have the Tim Holtz Pedestal! The card is 4.5 x 5.5 and the pedestal folds away for mailing and opens up for display. I KNEW I'd finally find a use for that die!

The only real problem?? Taking pics. They're a bit overexposed because they're dark. But oh well!!  LOVED this challenge! Thanks ladies!


  1. Wow, this is amazing! Love the use of the die with the wood paper as well as all of your other amazing details! Thanks for sharing with us at The Card Concept- we hope you can join us again soon!

    1. TY Julie! Love the challenges...and they ARE challenges!

  2. I couldn't do this if you laid all the supplies in front of me. This is incredible! What an amazing imagination you have to create these three-D projects. Love all the texture on this and the window in the door is fabulous. Glad to see you posting again!

  3. NANCY!!!! Is your kitchen still running with rivers of blood? Sorry...just imagining someone reading that line and going "WHAAAAAA??????" Of course I'm talking deer skinning....HAHAHAHAHAHA WAS deer...wasn't it? So awesome to hear from you!

  4. It's beautiful!

    Sitting here admiring your patience! Never in my life could I accomplish anything such as this as it delicate, detailed, and time-consuming!

    1. Ty Kellye!!! I busted my hiney on it! But (pun intended hahahaha) unfortunately, not good enough for the win. (Looking for, but not finding, the self-pity emoji) 😂