Monday, November 18, 2019

Impression Obsession Challenge "So Thankful"

As an artist, I believe I'm entering my experimental phase. I went into this challenge by setting by creating my own challenge within the Impression Obsession challenge of "So Thankful". My challenge to myself was that I had to use 2-3 elements. Being the overachiever that I am, I ended up with 4. Water, wood, stone and metal.


I'm not sure why I'm so happy about it. It's not like I'm going to give myself any gifts or anything. 
Or am I?

IO Stamps has this Poinsettia Frame Die I've been wanting for quite a bit, so it might be a nice gift for myself for winning my challenge that I made for me and only me.

I'm kind of liking this new challenge I just created for myself!

I know. You'd be "So Thankful" if I'd get to the card, right? There's always a comedian in the group, isn't there. Fine.

I used Daniel Smith watercolor on my basket of apples, which is one of my fave new IO stamps. Using birch wood 'paper', I cut a circle, darkened it with Vintage Photo Distress Ink then set it back into the panel flush after popping the panel up with tape. 

Next, I used the die "Thankful" from IO and cut it from copper. Then, I used my Link torch to heat it until it changed colors. You can do it with a heat gun if you have about 7-1/2 years to spare, but I'll take the torch every time. Not only does it take mere seconds to get results, I'm rarely bothered by the spousal unit, kids OR the dog while the torch is anywhere within my reach. 

Ahhh. The benefits of butane.

Lastly, I wanted to use the sentiment on the card but needed contrast. NOTHING looked right. I was digging through a junk drawer when I saw a very beautiful, dark brown, thin agate I'd purchased when mining for gemstones. It's supposedly native to North Carolina. Not that I really cared, to be completely honest. I didn't give a rat's hind end if it came from the caves of the Taliban. It was cool looking and I needed contrast, people!

Using glue dots, I placed the sentiment over the rock and mentally patted myself on the back. It had to be mental because if I'd tried to do it physically, I'd have dislocated a shoulder and missed this challenge AGAIN.

Until the next challenge in which I create another challenge within to challenge myself so that I may win and give myself more prizes, I bid you adieu.



  1. Carmen, I am so happy that you are posting more regularly now. You bring such joy into my life! xoxo

    1. Sweet Carol-Thank you so much! YOU have brought me joy with your comment. I’m glad I’m back too. No matter WHAT the spousal unit says.

  2. In creativity you really rock! You painting is outstanding. Wow, love that you were able to include your four components. I've never seen anyone use rock on a card. It looks fabulous!

    1. Nancy-I can’t Believe I did it either. Desperation sure gives birth to some strange looking cards, wouldn’t you say??

  3. I found this post so entertaining. I love that you created your own challenge within a challenge. So stop on by the IO blog tomorrow for a brand new challenge. I want to see how you challenge yourself! So part way through this post, I thought, this sounds a lot like someone I used to chat with on SCS. No pic but I did find your DD badge and sure enough. One and the same! Funny thing, You have been on my mind! I have been missing you over at SCS! I guess we aren't playing in challenges over there so I haven't bumped into you! Oh, well now it's my turn to GET to the card. It's a beauty and I enjoyed reading how you created it! Hugs!

  4. Hee hee....I can't get the vision of you patting yourself on the back out of my mind! Another amazing oroject, my friend! I love the way you showcased the sentiment. Beautifully done!