Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Angel On My Shoulder... apparently even more fashionably challenged than I am.

And yes...that statement includes that ill-fated year of 1984, when I wore lace that covered one eye, and had that mishap with a garter that left me with a mark I would lie about for the rest of my life. 

Okay, Okay. So maybe she's NOT as badly dressed as I thought she was, originally. I can't compare her to that time in my life when I thought it appropriate to pay homage to Madonna and A Flock of the same time.

In fact, with that very Catholic looking lace veil, and the torn laces and ribbon, she....


She looks like she's paying homage to Madonna and A Flock of Seagulls. 

But at least the BELL is a new addition, people!

Let's move on. Because the LAST thing we all need is for any 80's song to get stuck in our heads. Like "Danger Zone" or the dreaded "Everything I Do" (or ANY Bryan Adams song, for that matter. I hope you all remember that it was this whiny Canadian that opened the door for the Justin Bieber's we have today. I hope you're happy with yourselves.)

This project was the result of my taking Deryn Mentock's "Angels on High"
class. She has a plethora of classes (including the Bezels class I've been BEGGING her to open!!) at her Something Sublime website.

I won't go into detail regarding how they're made, but a beginner will have no trouble with this class! And while you have a choice as to what kind of face your angel will have (or whether it will be Christmas, Halloween or any holiday in between) I chose to use these little porcelain doll heads (not expensive on etsy...ranges from 8-20 dollars.) because I want to give these as special heirloom gifts to my doll collector friends. 


As a side note, you see that 36/0 incised in her head? It's an unidentified Antique German Mark. I believe the number 36 is the mold number. Not sure what the 0 is for. If I've screwed any of this up, please correct me!!

Since the top of her head was missing, I gave her a little Boa action, stuck right inside. My having immediate access to something like a boa shouldn't be surprising...the Queen of Fashion Tragedy always has boas and sequins ready to go...not to mention lace. But NO garter elastic anywhere. I'm seriously PTSD when it comes to that. I go into histrionics at the sight of them, which makes me the worst wedding date ever. 

I jazzed up the back, mostly to conceal the fact I can't sew worth a darn (pun unintentional, but necessary. I can't cuss in the house anymore. That story coming soon enough) and I didn't like how the back of the wings looked, so I went to my trusty Stickles. My worst nightmare is Ranger deciding to do away with the Stickles line. Makes my garter scar hurt just to think about it.

Please check out Deryn's page. I've taken 3 classes...the salt shaker snowmen the Boho Bliss (will put my things that I made in an upcoming post!) and this one. You will NOT be disappointed. And ANY BEGINNER can take these classes! Just expect to practice (esp. Boho Bliss) in order to produce beautiful things.

It's good to be back, friends. A post on my absence is coming soon.

I hope both of my subscribers are looking forward to it! 


  1. Welcome back! Oh did I enjoy seeing your incredible creation again and the hilarious story behind it too. It really is amazing and I look forward to hearing more! I could never design something like this. Love that you take a new idea and run with it! Just a delight to see you post again! Merry Christmas Carmen!

  2. Such hated for movie theme songs. While I can do without the Robin Hood one, Bryan Adams and Kenny Logins both have some really great songs. Comparing Bryan Adams to Bieber, that is just wrong... only thing they have in common is that they are Canadian singers. Looking forwards to the no cuss story. I've only managed if there was a mic nearby ;)

  3. Welcome Back! You have been missed and I check each week hoping to see a post or new creation. Lucky for us followers we got & creation. She is are such a great inspiration and can't wait to read your next post. Merry Belated Holidays!