Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm too sexy for this post....

I am ABSOLUTELY astonished!

I just checked the date of my last post and can't believe it has been almost 2 MONTHS since I even tried to entertain you! I communicated more with ex-husbands than I did with all of you! Of course, those communiques were filled with vitriol and threats and obscenities, but good Lord, at least it was something!

Sidebar: By 'all of you', I mean the 13 users who read my last post: My brother and 4 friends (all of whom knew there would a pop quiz), and the guy who thought this was a porn site.

Wow. The possibilities are endless when you include 'goddess' in your web address.

I don't know who the rest are. I like to thing that they look to me to learn. Perhaps they appreciate my sense of humor, or my 'from the heart' attempts to create beautiful things.

In truth, I sense that my hopes are the antithesis of who those 'others' truly are. They are lurkers and they're everywhere there is tragedy. They are the people who love to laugh at others angst and misery; who revel in failed attempts and crisis of the less fortunate. Those who check this blog on occasion, hoping to see that which make others wince and turn their heads in sympathy.

Yes, Virginia....I'm sorry to say there IS a breed of people who check on this blog and pray to see me enveloped in chaos. Whether it be another 'stickles in the eye' moment or 'hair caught in the paper crimper' fracas would matter not at all.

And I simply can't bear to tell you what thrill it would bring to the scum who troll the net for all kinds of filth. Yes, I'm talking about those who would think of me in ways that should bring about maximum punishment; those that wish to see me suffering the aforementioned agony while dressed in my slinkiest, sexiest and most revealing sleepwear.

Or nothing at all.

Hey! Wait! What do you mean you'd rather not see me in nightwear! What about the 'nothing'? What do you mean you'd rather I stickle your eyes shut, in that event? Wait....come baaaaaack!!!

And now, for the cards! Everyone has a 'rock-star' they want to be like. When I was 16, it was Madonna. At 45, it's Kittie

I was browsing the galleries at, looking for my next CASE project, when I saw this Christmas Card that blew me away. I simply couldn't believe what I was seeing, but I knew then and there that I was going to CASE that sucker if it killed me! Since I only began this stamping and papercraft stuff last December, suffice it to say I had a lot of material to buy and a lot of budget items to embezzle from if I was gonna make it happen. 

As I was waiting on the 'few items' to arrive, I waded through Kittie's blog and she became my 'rock-star'. See, in papercrafting,, there are a lot of 'moving parts'. There are those who specialize in inks and copics, or mixed media, or vintage tags and cards, etc. I adore dies and papercrafting. It's the one area I would love to be an expert in and that 'expert' would look like THIS

I wrote to Kittie a few times with questions and she wrote me back immediately! I certainly didn't have that kind of response from Madonna! I promised Kittie I wouldn't stalk her...too much. I've tried to keep that promise. I've been working my a** off, learning how to make her windows, tie bows, create her roses out of paper, etc. and haven't taken the time to update this blog to proudly show what I've accomplished. I feel it's important that YOU know that YOU are as capable of creating beautiful things as I am and that Kittie knows how appreciative I am of her work and the time she spends showing people like me and you that we have value as artists. 

I have met the most amazing people and learned so much over the past 9 months. I honestly can't believe how good a group of people can be and how generous they are. Thank you, Kittie, for being so incredibly generous. I'm glad you know that my CASE'ing is done as a challenge for me and a tribute to you. You are truly my 'rock-star'!!

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  1. Carmen, Thank you so much for such wonderful and touching words. I appreciate it more than you know.