Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Impression Obsession: Things That Fly!

I have to blame this on Mama Dini! I adore her new line and have ordered several of her sayings. The rodeo ones are next!!

I tried to find an uncommon use for my IO snowflakes. I LOVE to glitter *&^& up so I made myself take a different tactic. Snowflakes fly. Check. But snowflakes made of actual cherry wood? That's right!

I used wood print bronzed paper in the back, followed by random dp. Then, actual self-adhesive cork, followed by a distressed piece of paper and the three IO snowflakes, cut from Mixed Media 101 ultra thin cherry wood sheets. I stained the edges, then used a lighter stain in the middle. I added some brads and really wanted to write WANTED on the bottom, but no stamp and my handwriting was horrible. My cards take forever due to a herniated disc that makes my hands go numb. But, being a 'glass half-full' kinda girl, I see it as being one-up on those papercuts.

Fingers crossed the random generator picks me...I got some dkdesigns to buy!


  1. First, I want to say, your card is lovely!! How terrific and creative with the elements in the middle of the snowflakes too! I see you are in Raleigh and I am in Kannapolis! I looked because you card is wonderful for either gender and also has a western feel to it. I am from NV. Thanks for playing, Carmen, and good luck in the drawing too!

  2. How interesting.. I have a sheet of cork and thin wood too, as yet untouched, because I was reserving it for a male scrapbook page, but until inspiration strikes I could do a few die-cuts with them ! Beautiful card.