Sunday, April 20, 2014

To CAS or not too CAS?

I received this gorgeous birthday card from Craft-t-bear (Christi) and it just blew me away!  

I decided I had to try that paper pleating...I loved it!! 

Anyway, her fold at the bottom was much better than mine. She didn't fold all the way across, which is a good thing because keeping it straight at the bottom is a PITA. I scored the paper at 3/4 inch all the way to the end. (I think I used 6 or 7 inch length and 3.5 wide). After doing that, I went back and scored next to each 3/4 mark at the next little line (the eighth mark). When you go to fold, it's almost like you pinch the fold. You'll see what I mean but if not, write me and I'll video if I have to. HAH! That'll be a NC-17 rated video...for language alone!!! 

Anyway, I cut the paper at an angle, stuck the prima flower at the top, tied the ribbon (thank the Lord for knots never going out of style...I'm the suckiest bow tie-er ever) and propped it and the sentiment up on mounting tape. That's is. Here's the deal...would this be considered a CAS card? 

I originally made it for a CAS challenge. I was on the fence, leaning toward 'no-not a CAS card'. A close friend seconded that. But while CAS, or any other genre, is subject to individual perception, I'm STILL confused as to what really makes a CAS card. I'm trying to develop an eye for it and while I'm taking the online classes, I've seen cards that are lauded as CAS when they're busier than a one-armed paper hanger! Don't get me wrong...I'm not remotely experienced enough to judge. I would love to ask for honest feedback from you. If it isn't CAS, what would make it CAS? Etc. I learn a lot from y'all and I learn more from people that trust me when I say that I have thick skin and you simply cannot offend me. Unless you call me a chubby b**ch....then I'll be like 'why'd you have to call me chubby???' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Love you all!! PLEASE...leave your thoughts!!!!


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    1. Hey ! You were supposed to enter this in that challenge, whether I thought it was CAS or not. Remember that I don't know squat about CAS. I think if a card doesn't weigh two pounds then you're doing it wrong!

  2. I thought about it but then came up with a better idea!!!! YOU-of all people-should KNOW that I do exactly what I want to do. Hmmm...ring a bell? Anyway, I love this card. But then I got to thinking about letterpress and I've got something even better up my sleeve. I'll send it to you later on!!

  3. Besides...and I swear to the Lord on this....I wanted to try the paper pleating. It was only after I posted both cards here that I thought "D*mn! That's more of a CASE than anything!!! I didn't even realize how close I came from color and flower perspective!! It could be that Christi and I think along the same lines but this got a little close for comfort!! After seeing them together, I don't feel like there's enough of original stuff on my part to submit to a challenge. Which is the main reason I didn't. I promise!! :)

  4. Oh, Carmen. I thought your card was wonderful! It seems CAS to me. But then, what one person thinks is Clean And Simple, might not be for another person. I'm sure not all the judges on the FMS team always agree with each other, either. I think all my cards go so far into CAS that they are just plain and dull. I love seeing your cards, which are much more about art than mine.

  5. Carmen ~ Thank you for sharing the card I made for your birthday! The card technique is actually called a "Curtain Fold". I'm sure that you can find a video of the instructions and demensions on You Tube. Christi