Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I took the plunge...

Heartfelt Creations, one of my favorite companies, is in the process of selecting some design team members. So, at the urging of one of their former DT members, I'm giving it a shot. Two of the projects I've already's the one I sent to them as the final of the 3. I had to have an altered project and we ALL know how I've become enamored with Altoid tins. Here's is my 2nd project with the tins and what I submitted last night.

My favorite part of all is a tie between the little starfish and the seahorse. Those came in a cute kit from Hobby Lobby.

I'm not sure if anyone is ever sure they're good enough to be on a DT...esp on of HC caliber. But I figure that nothing attempted is nothing gained, right?  We'll see what the end result is and-at the end of the day-it's ALL a learning experience. At least I'll remember that ONCE I'm not fetal in the corner, curled up in a writhing ball of rejection.

heh heh

The other 2 projects I submitted-ty to Lee Ann Barrett of Greytpapercrafts, who learned that there's always a punishment for doing a good deed, by my begging her to go through my ENTIRE SCS gallery and tell me what she thought I should submit.

Sidenote: My blog title is, and began, as tongue in cheek. LAB's is woefully understated. "Great" doesn't describe this girl. She was in the first handful of blogs I stalked because even though I don't have a knack for 'layering', Lee Ann makes incredible, showy flowers...the kind of flowers I'm crazy about!...along with her knack with layering. I love the vintage look, but Lee Ann has a way of capturing that look without making it look uniform. It's a vintage look that, instead of making you feel as if you're looking at something old, makes you feel like you've gone back in time and are seeing it just created.

Sigh. I don't know how to say it properly...suffice it to say that she is unique in her style and I simply love it. When she mentioned the DT call and that she thought I should enter, I can tell you this:

Even if I DON"T make the team, the fact that someone I really admire said she thought I was good enough to try, was the reward. Seriously. That's a BFreakingD to me!! Thank you, Lee Ann!!!

Here's the 2nd and 3rd project I submitted. First is my Sunflower. I used 4 McGills punches. The lily, Sun, Birch leaf and Large Highland Snowflake.

For the last, my little Penny Black Mermaid card. I used Copics and I'm in LOVE with this stamp set! What cute baby mermaids!!!

I signed up for Copic coloring classes in Feb. I've not been able to practice as much as I want, but I feel like I'm coming along.

Let's hope these 3 will pique some interest and that HC feels I can help them sell their product! Heck, the product sells itself once you try it. LOVE the stamps and fact, I just got this stamp and die set and made this card.
I used the stamp to get the bird image but used the Garden Romance set to cut the birdhouse and bird, and the layered poinsettia HC/Spellbinders set for the flower. The stamp set is called Holiday Haven. After cutting the birdhouse out of cardboard, I trimmed the top and bottom off and coated it with chipped sapphire distress paint and the main part of the house in picket fence. Then I aged it. I got this from a tutorial from Kittie C. HERE at her blog. The poinsettias I cut 3 times...once in green for the leaves and 2 for the petals. I'm crazy about their stamps! I'm getting ready to do a card with the pumpkins from their Pumpkin Harvest Stamp Set. It's awesome!

This is a long enough entry...I'm already tired of myself, so I can imagine how YOU feel! ;)  Thanks for going along with me and thanks for being so kind and supportive. I hope that I can return all of that to all of you. MWAHHH!


  1. Carmen, you have a ton of stuff very worthy of a DT and they'd be very lucky to have you girl! You have such artist flair and your work with the Copics is fantastic! Keep up the good work and the shall have what you want :)

    Bigs hugs from the other,

  2. There's my 'mixed-media' Lee-Anne and my 'vintage flower' Lee Ann. That's exactly how I think of the 2 of you!!! TY for your sweet KNOW how much they mean to me! Since my first entry in my SCS gallery-ever-was my 'Homage to Lee-Anne' (that's you, btw. LOL) I've got to do one for the other...I've been dropping her name all OVAH HC. I might have told them we're related, but I don't remember. It was such a blur. heh heh. Btw...hate to put you on the spot...but I remember you took an artist's leave to work on a canvas. Any chance I could see it? I know it has been a long time and you may still be working on it! But the mixed media hit you hard and you took off running with it to the likes of which I've never seen before! I've always wondered what you came up with. I hope you stay in cards as well, tho. You are such a terrific artist! I've learned so much from you, chica!! PS: People sell their artwork on Etsy...I know you know this...but people are selling stuff that can't come close to yours. Think about it!!!! MWAAAH!

  3. Well, if you make the DT, it should keep you out of trouble! They require one heck of a commitment, but I'm sure you can manage. (I'd be vomiting in a bucket at the thought, but I am a commitmentphobe)
    Your Altoids tin is absolutely AMAZING, and that little mermaid is adorable and beautifuly coloured ! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!