Friday, May 27, 2016

Tim Holtz 12 Tags May 2016

This month, it's tissue tape resist technique and tattered florals. 

Using the antichrist of all crafting materials, the MISTI, (I'll elaborate...don't worry) I stamped this negative image several times on tissue tape, until I got the image to really pop. I also cut stars from tissue tape and adhered them to the tag. Then, I used white embossing paste and a few different stencils. Using stains and brass spray stain, I created the tag. Afterwards, I stamped a flower/vine image and substituted tattered floral flowers made from Tim's papers. The leaves as well. Using red stickles, I jazzed up the flowers a bit. I also used Tim's stars-offset-to leave some of the tissue tape exposed and used a Dresden gold frame, that I painted silver with alcohol ink, I put it around the image and trimmed tape accordingly, using sponged ink to cover traces of where it was. A metal tag, blotted with three different kinds of alcohol ink and distress ink crayon finished it off.
 While I love the color and images, etc., I feel it's so empty!! I tried arrangements at the bottom of the tag, fabric, sequins, everything! But it was just too much. So, I sucked it up and erred on the side of leaving more background exposed and giving each element its due. 

For a long time, I fought the power of the MISTI. Sure...I saw it in use and saw how dang convenient it could be, but I was able to stay strong and stay away. Besides, I told myself, I'm not stamping a whole lot anymore, so why would I need one??

Then, I saw how you could create perfectly centered AND straight sentiments and/or images, then I saw where you could actually overstamp if you had a 'not so great' image the first time. Pretty soon, I began dreaming about a MISTI, and how it would solve all my life problems. On top of that, everyone ELSE had one and, dang it, I HATE being left out!!!

I was so excited when it came! I set it to the side and spent several days looking at it, but unsure what to start stamping. By this time, I'd moved from making cards to a lot of 3D chipboard based products and ATC's. But I KNEW I'd have something to use it for, eventually. But in the meantime, I decided it would work perfectly to put over pieces that I'd glued together and needed to dry flat.

Soon after that, my MISTI served time as a containment unit for tiny things I decided against using but was too lazy to put away, a fan for those occasional hot flashes and a support for my coffee cup. The fact is, I've had the dang thing for 3 months and I FINALLY used it. For this tag. And when I was finished overstamping it in archival ink, I returned it to its original job of supporting my coffee cup WHILE pressing glued pieces flat. 

I wish I could say, with confidence, that my MISTI will become a tool that I use a great deal one day. I've thought about selling it, but it works so well as a presser/storage unit/coffee cup holder that I'm not sure what I'd replace it with should I manage to get rid of it. So, despite my better judgement, I'll hold onto my mini MISTI for now. I may even go berserk and purchase the REGULAR sized MISTI! 

 Just one more inch and my laptop height will be perfect.

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  1. What a gorgeous tag! Those roses are done so perfectly! Incredibly beautiful background. Gotta love a MISTI even if it is just a cup holder! LOVE your narrative!