Saturday, February 1, 2020

Technique Junkies NEW RELEASE Blog Hop BEADING BOX Party Favor


The 1st is always so exciting for me!

And's not because it's payday! It's because the 1st is ALWAYS Technique Junkies NEW RELEASE day!! 

Alright. And because it's payday. But with money I can buy more stamps! Wow. Someone is awfully judgmental. 

Okay. Okay. And maybe I'll do some Amazon-ing, Ebay and Etsy-ing, along with other "ing's" but that's all. All that I'm going to admit to, that is. So let's move along, people.

It all started with a phone call.

My friend Jeanette asked if I could think of any original party favors for her 12yo daughter's birthday party. We discussed it for a bit and when we hung up, I had the idea for a beading box.

I took an Altoids tin and painted it with several coats of white gesso. Using a thin but sturdy chipboard, I made dividers then glued them into place. I found a piece of fabric to place in the top so the beads wouldn't roll around while trying out designs. Lastly, I filled the box with various beads and beading cord (all I had on hand was black, but I would've used several different colors).

On the outside, I used not one but TWO different New Release stamps! 

Hmmm...I guess that number would really be one and a half.

I used the Raining Confetti stamp in 3 different colors on the outside of the tin and I have to tell you it came out even more spectacular than I envisioned! I LOVE THIS STAMP!!!

Then, I took the More Fabulous stamp, embossed the woman and cut her out. Using gold and blue microbeads, I decorated her hat and dress. 

Spoiler alert: This is the !/2 on the 1-1/2 stamps I used, if you haven't already figured it out.

I finished up with feathers and findings and simply wallowed in the sheer abuse of color and texture that I heaped on this unsuspecting tin and you, the visitor. Not that I'm sorry. 

However, let me TRY to make it up to you! Technique Junkies is, as always, offering 15% off New Releases until the 8th-no coupon code needed.

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  1. I love your bead box! I know my twin granddaughters - age 13 - would love it!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Love the feathers and beading on your creation! What a great idea to stamp on the Altoids box, my friend! You amaze me, and your posts make me laugh :) Hugs to you, and thanks for sharing!!!

  3. You blow me away with your work and I anxiously awaited your post! Another Altoid tin. Love it! So much work went into the making of this and it paid off. That lady really shines through beautifully. Maybe I should try an altoid tin as I started out using mixed media and made several altered books.

    Love having you on the team!

  4. What a fantastic idea. I love it and stamping on the Altoid tin is a super idea. Stopping by always inspires me to create even when my brain and body are telling me otherwise. And a always make me laugh.

  5. Wow this is so beautifully done! Love that lady with all the micro beads on her skirt and hat as well as her magnificent background! How fun this is! What a fabulous and original idea!