Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yippe Ki Yay (Fill in the Blank) **evil grin**

Die Hard is one of my favorite movies of all time. Next to Terms of Endearment, Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias, of course. I like movies with believable protagonists, who are tough as nails but whose humanity and vulnerability are so authentic, you almost forget it's the specific time of the month where you just want to sit around and watch these type of movies while crying, eating chocolate and dealing with bloat.

Don't get me wrong...Bruce Willis wouldn't have lasted 2 seconds trapped in Truvy's Beauty Shop, nor would he DARE screw around with Debra Winger's medication. But all of the people in these movies are resilient and creative. In short, they kick major heinie while wearing rumpled clothes and a tired smile.

Just like me.

Excuse me, but did you just snort with derision? Don't do that...your face might freeze and it's NOT very ladylike.

Let me just let you people in on a little secret...I would rather run over glass barefoot while spitting on Sally Fields than have to face ditching yet another project that I ruined, right as I was finishing it up. That stress alone is such that I find myself muttering random things like "There's no WAY Crystal Effects look like a snow globe" or "You can't possibly put a *&%$* card together, video yourself doing it AND blog about it...EVERY DAY." over and over.

I'm a freaking HERO, I tell you. Rumpled clothes and all. 

Think this crafting thing isn't stressful? Imagine how I felt when I found that people actually use SEWING MACHINES to stitch cards and I couldn't even thread one...much less sew a straight line!!

Do you know what it's like, trying to follow folding patterns for lever cards or trying to tie beautiful ribbons- or thread them through delicate diecuts when God has burdened you with fat fingers and man-hands?

Or how about charging different orders to different credit cards to hide your addiction, or explaining to your husband why you had to go out and buy a Hallmark card instead of making one because you're too busy trying to complete Vendor challenges and going to cardmaking school?

To H-E-double hockey sticks with Bruce Willis, sadistic Germans and Olympia Dukakis; I GOT your stress RIGHT HERE-next to my overflowing stamp drawer, 42 thousand rolls of ribbon and a box empty ink pads with retired colors I can't refill but can't bring myself to throw away.

So BITE ME, Willis!

Outer Design: MFT Cowgirl at heart, both image and sentiment
Various Designer, Kraft and self-adhesive cork    
SU! Basic Black and Image stamped in StazOn Brown
Watercolor pencils, Copic Markers, MFT barbed wire die and MFT banner die

Inner Design: Horse Stamp Inkadinkado "Horses", MFT Fence Die, SU! Black Ink


  1. You, my dear, are a riot! And yes, I too, have a thing for the Die Hard series so I do know how to fill in the blank *grin*. You have been collecting some rather impressive supplies...coloring with Copics, using die cuts and talking about using a sewing machine? Where will it all end? It's not...once you start on this crafting's a never ending quest for new "stuff". Cute card, Carmen! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

  2. Great....a stalker. Sigh.

    Hee hee.

    If ANYONE would know the extent of of things that can be bought for this 'hobby'... ;)

    As to my list, well, I had a little help along the way, As it is, I might as well tell the story now. Enjoy the twist!!

    I JUST started this in Dec 2012. Granted, I'd been huge into Creative Memories a decade ago, but never this. My sister, who introduced me to SU! also introduced me to SCS. I was having so much fun but it stayed at 'hobby' until I was cruising SCS and I just happened upon one of the coolest cards I'd ever seen; it was 2 trees with hearts scattered over them, clouds and set on this grey paper that blew me away. I HAD to do this card! I went over and over the supplies list and, in less than a week, I tracked down everything...even a paper from Lost and Found 3 that I was convinced had to be more rare than gold due to the time it took me to find it! You don't want to know how much I spent and I didn't care; I was crazy about this card! Finally, all the supplies arrived and I put it together for my 'Valentine's' card. But, in truth, it was the moment I felt I could do this well enough and it was literally THE card that hooked me.

    By now you know which card I'm talking about and how I moved onto Tim Holtz 'taped' balloons, Water Stamped Grace and several others I copied to the letter. If the truth be known...all kidding sister got me interested but the creator of the tree/heart card is responsible for the obsession. :) Ty, lady. Getting a compliment from my 'idol' is amazing!

    Back to the supplies, though. I never knew what a Copic was, Crate Paper, i-ostamps, Simon, etc. and wouldn't have had it not been for YOU...and I LOVE it! My husband doesn't but no worries...I kept your identity safe. It'll only cost you 4 Copics, 3 MFT Die-namics (your choice-you're welcome!) a year's worth of Unity and first dibs on the canvas you created! No worries if you've sold it...I'll be glad to send you my next choice which are naming rights of your grandchildren. HAHAHAHAHA