Thursday, November 28, 2013


Look...I enjoy Christmas just as much as the next Heathen. But I was ordered to give my 'Christmas Carding' a rest. See, no one really notices what I do in my room as long as there's food at hand and a back-up ride to whatever gathering of teen angst is taking place at the moment.

I DID find there to be another way to capture all their (unwanted) attention, and that is to use so much glitter that it recycles through the air vents and into the dryer, where it finds a permanent home in the underwear of the 4 Y Chromosomes that God put me in charge of and said, "Thou shalt make them smell nice. Good luck with that."

I could never bring myself to compromise their manliness by allowing glitter to infiltrate their Fruit of the Looms, so I toned it down and went with a V-Day theme for Splitcoast Stampers Wednesday Sketch Challenge. This theme imposed itself onto me after one of the most heartfelt and downright incredible compliments I've ever gotten in my life.

It was regarding my chocolate chess pie. I know, you're thinking I was told it's incredible. No,  scrumptious. Delicious. Life sustaining. Manna. Food of and for the Gods. Enough to convince Rachel Ray to pack on a few pounds and convince me that she and the EVOO still had a spark in their relationship.

Pffft. All of them are insulting in their obvious understatement.

From the (invariably tobacco stained lips) of Great Uncle Denson-

"That pie's so good that if'n you were to drop if on yer head, yer tongue would beat yer brains out trying to get at it."

The carnation may not be pie (and that's somewhat a shame) and my boys may smell a little suspect but I have truly been touched by True Love today, my friends.

I just wish it hadn't left its spit can behind.

Recipe: Sizzix Thinlets Decorative Accents and Label, SU! Expressions Thinlets, McGill Lg Highland Snowflake and Firoiano Paper Blossoms, SU! Ticket Corner Punch, McGill and Sizzix's Susan's Garden Kit, gold metallic paper, dp, 7gypsies stamp sentiment


  1. A carnation so detailed and realistic that it made your 'lil sister go Wow! Two-toned carnations, exactly like that one, have always been some of my favorites.

    Your creations keep getting more intricate and stunning. Excellent job :)

  2. You are rockin' the blooms girl...fabulous!!!