Saturday, November 23, 2013

Is it stealing if I don't remember the website I stole it...I mean, 'remember it'... from?????

Recipe: Impression Obsession Rubber Stamp Sentiment B8145
            Impression Obsession Large Window with Box DIE103-ZZ
            Impression Obsession Fir Tree Dies DIE084-V
            Impression Obsession Spiral Flowers Die DIE042-I
            Designer Paper
            Pan Pastels/White Gel Pen
           Spellbinders Labels
           Crystal Embellishments

Well, look at y'all! You made it JUST in time for "Carmen tries to convince everyone this is merely a challenge entry, while whining about everything from how long it took her to get a half-decent photo, to her latest ethical dilemma, (which SHOULD be why she continues to end everything in a preposition, but actually has to do with her crappy memory) while the rest of you will sit here thinking 'I'll never get these minutes back...this girl needs to be sedated and banned from papercrafting."

Or, as is probably more familiar, "Impression Obsession Inspired by a Quote Challenge".

**1st PAM (pre-Adderall moment) Am I the only person who turns the grammar and spelling check on at the very end of a post, just to see if she can actually make both functions actually explode due to running them too hot????***

Look, people. I'm in a moral morass and I need HELP!

Yes, you in the back. Yes, Ellen. Yes, I did say I needed help with my More-AS* and no...I don't believe we'll need the help of the entire papercrafting community for it, as you so thoughtfully suggested.

She is SUCH a troublemaker.

Back to my morass problem.

See, a while ago, I stumbled on this adorable window scene. I remembered the person had fan folded the curtains and hung them from a kebab thingie. (Watch it, Ellen.) I also remember she'd done one of those evening, silhouette vignettes. But that's about it. I fell in LOVE with the curtains and hadn't really done any color-blending in a long time, so I went with it.

That probably would've been the end of it, except I DID find the picture again. Here it is.

For the record, instead of being filed under 'Cute Stamp Blogs I Can Probably Rip Off Because They're In Other Countries', it was lounging under 'Recipes I Can Probably Rip Off and Say They Were My Grandma's', which was accidently tucked under 'Other People's Identities I Can Probably Rip Off Since I Can't Seem To Find My Own After Four Decades.'

You can see how easy it is to become confused.

SO...let's talk. I've seen the 'evening sky with silhouette vignette' a thousand times. This technique is so dated that even the kindhearted and gentle Beate over at Splitcoast would slam her hand on her craft table and scream "NO. NOT AGAIN!. IF YOU WANT ANOTHER TUTORIAL ON EVENING SKY B.S., YOU GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! NOW PLEASE EXCUSE ME WHILE I CONSTRUCT A LIFE SIZED PAPERCRAFT REPLICA OF THE SPACE SHUTTLE, COMPLETE WITH WORKING ENGINE IN 2 AND 1/2 MINUTES!!!!

The curtains are unique, as they're hanging on a wooden stick, but I've seen HRH Kittie Caracciolo whip curtains out like this in no time, not to mention having been the first person I encountered who made her curtains from scratch.

So, while I know there can't be any hard and fast rules, what is it that changes the S from 'share' in CASE, to 'steal'?

Discuss! Except for Ellen. I'm keeping an eye on you, Missy.


  1. Great card!! Hilarious post. Personally I don't understand about the stealing, obviously everyone shares ideas and follows trends. But it was amazing that you found the card again. I love your evening sky and the IO fir trees. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  2. Those curtains are awesome! And these are such beautiful holiday cards! Thanks for sharing.