Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teapot Challenge and the wisdom behind "It takes a villiage to raise a child"

 I'm one of the very few Conservatives who believes in the saying "It takes a village to raise a child." Don't get me wrong...the Conservatives I know are very much into helping...they just don't believe it's their DUTY to take responsibility for your kid. That is, after all, YOUR responsibility.

But I disagree with my fellow Conservatives. I absolutely believe it takes that proverbial village...or myself...to help you in raising your children.

Now don't get too excited...I'm certainly NOT going to feed or clothe or pay money for your little ankle biters. I'm talking about the most critical and most important part of having that village...or me...help raise your children and that is in educating them about the things that you (the parents) apparently forgot....the IMPORTANT things. The things which should not ever be forgotten.

Case in point: yesterday, I had to look after a neighbors sick kid. I stuck it in a back bedroom with a TV and Nintendo, then dosed it with medication (with age appropriate dosages of sleepy time medication to sugar water) and told it to sleep. Imagine my surprise when I turned around to see "Johnny" standing in the doorway to my craftroom, with nary a bit of sleepy time look in hiseyes.

"Ummmm...Hi?" I said.
He studied me for a moment.
I tried to act casual...it will never do to show them you're afraid. They can smell fear. "So...what's happening?"
He stared a me a few more moments. "What's a Rock Lobster?" he said.
I froze.
"I heard it on some commercial on youtube." he said.
It was that moment my fear gave way to a deep, resounding grief. "You mean," I choked, "You mean your parents? They never? They never told you? About the B-52's?"
He shook his head.
All at once, the grief was replaced by anger. How did those horrible walking reproductive machines even CALL themselves parents?

The rest of the afternoon, Johnny and I sat while I taught him, not merely the words, but the all-important sounds that each sea creature made. It was touch and go when Johnny kept messing up the porpoise sound but, in a fit of inventiveness, I told him to try to sing like Brittney Spears and it all came together.

I was a little sad when Johnny left. I knew he wouldn't stand a chance in a home that kept the B-52's out. But I didn't lose hope. I knew I'd have more chances to 'raise' Johnny and the rest of the neighborhood kids. Their parents might be lousy but I would never let them down. I waved good-bye and walked past the craftroom, filled with purpose. No need for me to shape paper when I could shape the future.

I just wished I'd asked him what size parachute pants he wore.

Here's the business, y'all: For a woman who has had a TERRIBLE time with her health. Her fave song is "How Great Thou Art" and favorite color is SU! Eggplant. SO..here we go. Stamped flowers with two different inks, directly on the cutout. A dry embossed card underneath that and all layers have mounting tape. Card size is 4.5x4.5  On the inside, sentiment by Sweet N Sassy with mat being Elegant Eggplant. 
Rubbernecker Stamps #782 "Layered Flowers"
Rubbernecker Stamps #467 "Floral Silhouettes"
Sizzix Rachael Bright, Thinlits Die Set, Decorative Accent & Label, 2 pk
SU! Lattice EF
SU! Cardstock Elegant Eggplant, Whisper White
Distress Ink Picked Raspberry, Seedless Preserves, Peeled Paint


  1. " How Great Thou Art" and "Rock Lobster"... interesting.
    Another brilliant story, Carmen ! The card is very pretty, and I really like that embossing folder you used. Gotta admit that I was surprised that you could colour outside the lines (yes, I know it's a stamp)! LOL!

  2. Like the story but after reading some of your other posts when you first started talking about rock lobsters and B52s, I thought you referring to the shooters. (maybe not a bad plan when the kid isn't sleeping...just kidding.) Love your blog!

  3. Thanks for making me laugh! And at nearly midnight, impressive!