Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dear MOJO'....I was lying when I said I didn't need you!!! Please....COME BACK!

I admit it. I was cocky. It's just that I'd felt I'd outgrown the need for the elusive "MOJO". I was convinced I could do it on my own!!! I could conjure any needed inspiration on my own!! I could do anything if I just set my mind to it!!

I was wrong. And I'm here today to beg for forgiveness.

This is the only 'original' card I've created in over a month. I don't know what's wrong with me!! I've looked at simple sketches, work from artist's I've CASE'd before and told myself to find other things to CASE until I broke through this block, and no matter what....I don't think I could stamp/color/paint my way out of a paper bag.

Case in point...I'm so out of sorts that I actually used two different brands of cream paper for the frames behind that watercolor!! Now, I KNOW you say it's no big deal. But come on....I CAN'T EVEN CATCH MYSELF MAKING A MISTAKE WITH PAPER!!!

I don't feel funny, I don't feel artistic.

I need tips, people. WTF do you do to break through artist block? What are your tips and tricks? I've gone through short lapses before, but never one that lasted over a month with no end in sight.

I'm begging all four of you who read this blog-perhaps as a penance or punishment...whatever-to PLEASE help a sister out!!!


Hero Arts Petals of Beauty stamp
Watercolor paper
Tim Holtz Distress Inks
Wet on Wet Watercolor Technique
Melon Mambo Paper
2 different kinds of cream paper (and that STILL chaps my ass, as they say!)
Spellbinders Elegant Ovals 


  1. I'm hoping some clever soul has the answer. I have had the same stuff on my workbench for the past month too........

  2. The two different papers add more visual interest. Are you sure it wasn't intentional?
    Mojo can't stand a clean work surface, pull out some random dies, a pile of patterned paper scraps, a handful of assorted embellies and a few stamp sets. Toss them on your desk and throw in a piece of black, white and kraft cardstock. Mix it all about and add something that makes colour that you don't usually use, like Gelatos or coloured pencils etc. Now, go find a challenge that has at least a week left on it. Dig through the disaster in your desk until you find one thing that stands out. Place that on top of the pile and walk away to let the challenge stew in your brain (kind of like a slow cooker). Go back occasionally and stir up the pile, see if something else goes with the first piece, set it on top as well. Lather, rinse, repeat until you get an idea and drag out more stuff to put it all together. It works for me, can't guarantee it will work for you, but cleaning up the mess will give you something to do. I can't do anything without random piles of crap on my desk!
    You could also do some art journaling where you just play with different mediums. No one has to see it, you don't have to finish it, you could just make backgrounds to add to at some unknown time in the future. It might shake your mojo loose.

  3. I like Shona's technique...I spend more time rearranging materials, and then trying to find where I put everything when I need it, than I do actually creating. But, as she says, it gives me something to do...I think I just like buying and handling the stuff!