Friday, June 13, 2014

Requiem for Dirty Spies and Stalking

CASEd from Kittie C's Window, Garden Vines and Butterflies here

I want to make something VERY clear...I may drop off the map for a while, but I am NOT a quitter!

Case in point: When I stumbled on Kittie C's blog over a year ago, I knew right then and there, that I simply had to learn to make her beautiful cards. I just had to. So, I made a commitment right then and there to stalk her blog and CASE until she finally wised up and filed a restraining order. Since that time, I have made it a point to be the best stalker Kitty C ever had.

I'm an overachiever like that.

But, to be honest, it has been a few months since I obsessed over her blog, CASEing everything I could get my hands on, muttering under my breath about cats and flowers and butterflies, like the woman at our local Wal-Mart, who is always roaming the aisles talking to herself, but pretty much leaves you alone, until you make eye contact. Then she shouts "Jesus is taking us home!" and claps her hands wildly. I think it's a wonderful sentiment, though it DOES take me my surprise and I yell 'AHHHHH' which seems to please her, for some reason.

Wait a second...I'm so totally lost I don't know if rereading what I wrote could even remotely help me back on track....

Stalking. Got it.

In short, I guess I just felt like I needed to  quelch the naysayers, who whisper that I'm getting soft. That I'm simply not as committed to my pledge to either continue to improve by CASEing Kittie's stuff or somehow absorbing her chi, thereby becoming her and ending up as the subject of some movie of the week on "Lifetime, television for women (and gay men)".

What're the chances someone like Meryl Streep would play me?

Yeah, I know. You're right. It'll probably be Jessica Simpson the next time she gets fat. Sigh.

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  1. Carmen, I can always count on you to make me laugh so hard, I cry. First, your card is beautiful, as always. You do great work! Second, keep your sense of humor, and make sure you always share it with us. It makes my day! You are HOOT! Hugs! xo