Monday, December 29, 2014

Why don't you come on over????

I don't know WHY I try the things I try, sometimes.

ESPECIALLY when those 'things' require Flower Soft.

It's no secret that Flower Soft and I are still somewhat estranged...granted, we tried to salvage our friendship after the nasty breakup we had, but we've tried.

I'm the one who called it off after a nasty incident involving Flower Soft and my computer keyboard. When I found it too close for comfort with my electronic ebosser, I knew it was over. But I hoped we could try to at LEAST work together occasionally.

I thought we could...until today.

Once again, I was sliding under the finish line of Impression Obsessions 'gift' challenge. and wanted to submit this snow globe made from a plastic ornament. It was just AWESOME, until I called on my old 'friend' Flower Soft, to give me the gorgeous look of snow.

Well, it gave me 'snow'...EVERYWHERE. On my clothes, in my hair, in my water bottle and in my dinner of hummus and whole wheat pita (no worries...I'm a chubby girl...a little Flower Soft in my diet ain't gonna kill me) AND on the sides of the entire globe.

Needless to say, there's very little I can do at this point to rectify the situation and get a clearer shot. For if there's one thing that Flower Soft loves more than me, it's static cling.

So, I'll enter it anyway and as there's still time to come on over here and join in to win!

If not, then I understand.

Better than your Flower Soft ever will.


Impression Obsession Winter House Stamp H1745
Impression Obsession Let it Snow Stamp B8145


  1. The house is a stamp??!! Unbelievable! You did an outstanding job. Too bad so much is obscured by all that white stuff. Cough,Cough.
    I never used Flower Soft, I wouldn't dare after reading your adventures with it. I have enough stuff that likes to make my life difficult ( and sparkly).
    Here's a piece of advice for you. Avoid micobeads, they are evil little %$#**!# , and they would LOVE you!

  2. From the picture, your snowglobe looks beautiful. The Flower Soft makes it look as if there's a real snowstorm going on! I love the look. Great job!

  3. This is gorgeous Carmen....just beautiful! And I have a whole drawer of Flower Soft and have never used it. Maybe I'll try and we can compare disasters together. Your humor is so great....keep it coming friend! May you have a Blessed New Year..complete with Flower Soft falling from the skies. Hey! Now that would be a good reason to throw it all around your house! In honor of the New Year! :-)

  4. Love your sense of humor and your creation. I personally love flower soft, and it has always behaved for me. I even make my own and die it to get different colors.

  5. Cool! Congrats on the winning the challenge, you deserve to!

  6. Wow Carmen that is an amazing creation!! All the best to you in the new year!