Monday, March 2, 2015

A Fae for Good Luck! I'm gonna need it! Ft. Graphic 45 "Once Upon A Springtime" and Chibitronics

First, my apologies for the amount of pics to follow...but this is a project with a lot of stuff going on and I have NO way of explaining it all without the thanks for grooving along with me!

Graphic 45 "Once Upon A Springtime" Fairy Diorama/Night Light, featuring Chibitronics made with G45's 5x5 Mixed Media Box with window.

 Front with see-through window, both sides framed using frames from the collection and acetate.

Last summer, I discovered an AWESOME product with a LOT of potential called Chibi-using copper tape, a watch battery and tiny LED light circuits, we can now bring light to our projects without having to use those dang huge fake candle lights.
Putting up these 2 rows of lights took less than 5 minutes. And it's me. I failed every form of math and science known to man, and I can STILL do this.  Now, I can tell you're not impressed...yet. But consider this...I'm able to take this cute project and take it to another level entirely when I light it up with blue and white LED'S and make this cute diorama into a fully functional nightlight!
Here it is in full can still see the blue tint. 
As to the rest, here are the close-ups and additional angles
As to the process, I mixed up some dark blue paint and painted the back of the box. I added a little tissue paper for texture, and painted it again.
After it dried, I installed the lights using E6000 on the batteries and binder clips to hold them firm.

Next, I cut my frames and trimmed an arch at the top of the window to fit.
I made the log the fairy is seated on out of Model Air-Air drying clay. I used a toothpick to scrape the lines and just rolled it. I flattened the part for her seat and let it dry. Then, I used my Copic air compressor to spray different E's and YR markers and kept layering them to get the layered color. Trust me when I say that I'm not an expert in layering color...just use browns and oranges and you can't go wrong. :) When done, I glued moss over the log and attached it to the back using E6000. Then, using plastic greenery, I began building my 'forest glade'. 

The rest was just decorating! I was SO pleased with the way this turned out! This is one of the projects I'm submitting for the G45 Design Team tryouts, so wish me luck, peeps!

More info regarding chibitronics can be found here at


  1. Wow, wow, wow. Jaw dropping gorgeous Carmen. You are such an I spiration to me.

  2. LOL it would help if I did a spell check. I spiration should read INSPIRATION!!!!

  3. Carmen this is just amazing, I saw a sneak peek of this on SCS but this is stunning! Love your detailed photo's on how you made it.
    Wishing you good luck on the G45 design team try-out and I'm not only crossing my fingers for you but crossing every thing possible.

    Hugs, Elisabeth

  4. Susie, I'm THRILLED to be your I spiration! heh heh For the record, I just thought it was some Australian word that I wasn't sure know, like 'Chook'. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA For the record, I'm STILL sending you skype messages trying to find a few minutes to talk!!! And Elisabeth, YOU are a darling! Susie-you HAVE to take a look at the suitcase Elisabeth did on SCS-Priscilla was so blown away that she emailed me the link...I think we've got another 3D girl on our hands! Elisabeth, Susie also loves assemblage art...she's QUITE the talent. I've CASEd many of Susie's cards! She's got a Julie Nutting girl with a metal dress on in her gallery that just blew away any competition she would've's still, to this day, one of the most incredible pieces I've seen. And yes...I COPIED that sucker!!! ;) Love to both you girls and TYTYTYTYTYTYTY...G45 is #2 on my goal list. Splitcoast was the first. I WOULD cross more but I'm simply not that flexible. HAH!

  5. OMG! This is incredible! I love Graphic 45 and would LOVE to see your projects featured on their design team. Crossing all available body parts! You go gal!

    1. YOU ANGEL! TY so much for that!!! I can't stomach has been in knots ever since I saw the notice. For whatever reason, I thought that the team had already been chosen for this year! Anyway, I just want you to know that your comment means the world to me! TY so much!!!

  6. LOL...o my.... I just went over to SCS to see WHO Susie Williams is....not knowing that SHE is the Susie who welcomed me at SCS..go figure....I love her cards! They are awesome, especially the ones with her special smack and squirt technique ;-) I'm in love with her 'When Harry met Faith card, adorable!

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