Friday, March 27, 2015

BASS-ACKWARD Mini Projects with Carmen

Meet my miniature Koi pond. I made him out of clay (cue song)
I fired him (actually, I baked him in the oven for 20 minutes, but using the term 'fired' sounds makes it sound SO much more like I know what I'm doing! Which I don't! Yet more evidence that YouTube is going to bring about the end of the world as we know it...ok, ok...cue THAT song, as well.)

I'd also like to introduce my miniature koi fish, lillypads and flower, also made from clay. 

Now, I will take you to the Koi in the pond, covered by their first coat of resin. 
Tomorrow, we'll introduce the 2 lily pads, AND a tiny little frog. Which I did NOT make. But DANG he looks cute on the pad!!! CANNOT see it yet! Tomorrow, I said! 

Only because I'm too lazy to take another picture and have to push all those buttons to send it to my computer, then download them and you know...all that stuff it takes MINUTES to do! Too tired.

But I WILL let you have a group photo

This little Koi pond came about when I saw this video tutorial on you tube.

I'm telling you, this girl is GOOD. I mean, REALLY GOOD!!!

This was a first try for me, and probably not the last. Lately, I've had this thing for miniature making. You know, sort of like that thing I had for clocks, then Altoid tins, then purses, then 3D, then watercolor, then 3D flowers, etc. etc. etc.

On that note, I've got a miniature garden urn planter (from quilled/coiled paper) I've got to finish, and, for the mother of all non-sequiters, a miniature, Victorian lamp to attempt. All for my new shadowbox project that I wanted to have done a week ago, but we know how I am about that 'planning' thing.


Pebbles, coated with dark gray paint and rinsed. 
Dark Gray Ballast Medium cinders (for bottom of pond...found it at a model rr hobby store)
Sculpey Clay-Translucent, Pearl, white, yellow, green, red
The patience of Job...either real or the one that comes in the handy pill formula. 
tee hee


  1. There's a pill for patience? Better get me a case!
    Good Grief, your projects make me tired just looking at them! ;)
    I barely have the fine motor skills necessary for dusting, if I made one of those koi ponds, it would have to be big enough for sharks to swim in!
    You amaze me!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have to agree with previous poster! Patience and 3D objects are not my strong suit. Yours are incredible, my friend! This is just amazing!

  3. OMG, now I KNOW that you are insane! I went and watched the video that started you down this dark path... It would take a case of those pills and a VAT of wine! I agree, totally, with both of the above posts. Amazing!