Sunday, November 22, 2015

Anyone know what this is???

I'm going to lose my mind if I can't find out what this piece is called and, most importantly, where to find it!! TY in advance for any help you can give me!!!


  1. Hey Carmen...yes, I'm still stalking you. It looks like what they call a bracelet clasp of some sort. Check out They have every jewelry supply you can think of, and thousands of beads. Their toll free number is 1-800-355-2137. My aunt and I make jewelry and if they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist. Hope you are doing well. Happy hunting...and Happy Thanksgiving! Love you girl!

  2. You KNOW I'm still on your stalking...I mean...mailing list, too!!! Love the series of cards from scraps. Never COULD pull that off!! I'm great at CASEing stuff...just never could really invent things. You should come visit and we can make jewelry and cards and drink wine until we pas out on over the Big Shot!!! Xoxo

  3. Take it with you, the next time you go to Raleigh, and ask Cynthia Deis, or any of the other fine folks at Ornamentea, at 509 N. West St. They will not only know the name of it, they will have one. Or you can email the photos to them: It would not be the first time I've contacted them with such a question, and never have they failed me!