Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pretty in Pink

                    (As always, recipe to follow!)

Sunday was a glorious day. First of all, it was Verve Sketch Challenge time and this week, not only was the sketch amazing, we were given a picture for color inspiration! I love that! After focusing my efforts on CAS cards, I had been training myself to go minimalist and am moving along nicely. But when the Verve Challenge showed up, I went nuts! Think about it, fellow crafters! All the glitter, sequins and sparkle you can handle and, for the record, I can handle a lot. Case in point; my husband came to me quite unhappy and asked me to come upstairs with him. He showed me what seemed to be a rather significant layer of glitter on a table. My first thought was that my kids had gotten into my craft stash and that I would take the guilty one and immediately put him up for adoption.

But my husband then pulled a vent filter out of an air duct and the glitter was everywhere. Seems my glitter was affecting our air quality. I tried to look concerned but failed miserably. My husband pointed to our 3 boys and asked me how it would look if they showed up to school with glitter on their clothes and how would I feel about the subsequent teasing they would be subject to.

I said it would make them stronger.

Apparently, that wasn't the right answer.

So, under the 'Conners Glitter Conservation Act', I'm not allowed to use glitter unless absolutely necessary. I submit my request, in triplicate, and wait for an approval. As I wait, I give much thought to my perfect man. A man who would love EVERYTHING about me. He wouldn't think twice about glitter in orifices I can't mention here, nor would he care that all my clothes had Stickles residue. He would welcome the small lace cuts on my hands, ink smudges on my fingers and face and love me for me.

I DID find the perfect man!! In fact, I included a video of Ducky, from Pretty in Pink. But, according to the company who owns blogger, I can't have the videos. So, they're gone. Sorry!!

Recipe: I began with dry embossing some
designer paper. Most all the paper here is from MME Indie Chic. I cut two long strips and edged them with Verve Flourished Trim Die. I used the Verve Banner Bundle for the banner edge. The sentiment is from Verve's Surely Goodness stamp set.The scroll is Verve's Scroll Die. The embellishments are from Spare Parts and I get mine from Hobby Lobby.

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  1. You are a riot, Carmen! Love your sense of humor right along with your fabulous sense of art and all things crafty! Beautiful colors and love that BLING!

    Keep right on creating my wonderful "stalker" friend!