Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I grew up hearing the Rebel Yell all my life. I can even whip up a sample if you like, but you'll hate yourself afterwards.

Here's what the ORIGINAL Rebel Yell sounded like. A small scrap of newsreel reveals Civil War Vets giving the Rebel Yell...the same sound that Yankee soldiers said made their 'hair stand on end' when they heard it.

(Video Removed because Google spake and sayeth "Thou Shalt Not Do Things Unless It Happens To Be Our Idea. Nor Shall Ye Do Anything Without Our Okay. So What If People Putteth Videos To YouTube So That The Public Can See For Free? That Doesn't Meaneth You May Use Them On Your Blog. Unless We Come Up With A Way To Make Money On It. Then You Mayeth.
And Google Spake And It Was Good.)

 While you ruminate on this, enjoy this VERY vintage card. I made it in 20 min after spending hours on something else I had to throw away. Now that I think about it, I probably should've let this one join its' brother in the trash. Gotta start somewhere!

We'll talk tomorrow..I promise!


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