Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What a LAME move!

Madame Butterfly

I should really be ashamed of myself...no....really.  You see, I started stamping months ago. I think this card is my best to date, so I used this to (hopefully) get your attention. Just wait until I get to the failures. They're laughable.

I began this blog for two reasons: 1-to showcase my work for the 2-3 people who might check in from time to time and 2-I'm hoping for a new career when they fire me from the old one.

And they will...it's inevitable! But with this blog, I can really go places! I have no idea where and whether making my mediocre cards will get me there but it doesn't matter-it beats sitting around reading "Better Homes and Gardens" and sobbing quietly over my failed attempts at gardening and choosing the wrong paint colors.

Love to my peeps!

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