Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Color Challenge Guest Designer Redux

Oh, boy. What a day.

You know, there's nothing more in this world that irritates me more than a great day being constantly interrupted by need for parenting.

I have three boys. Every day, I leave them food AND water (hey...they have their own bowls!) and I have purchased every game system and handheld electronic ever invented just so I am free from parenting.

Don't look at me like that. You tell me a more thankless job than parenting. Go ahead! See? As a parent, it isn't possible for you to do anything right, understand 'what it's like' because 'it wasn't like that when YOU were my age' and last but not least "you wouldn't REALLY abandon us at Wal-Mart, would you?"

Wait. That one didn't belong there. But, for the record, I assure them that I would NEVER abandon them at Wal-Mart.

I'd make sure it was Target, or somewhere similar.

Every kid needed something 'this second' today. One broke a rule and didn't get to stay after school for one of his activities. He made it a point to skulk around and give me looks as if I had sentenced him to be drawn and quartered. The middle one wanted to show me magic trick after magic trick and every single time I looked for the youngest, I caught him trying to slip outside without pants.

SIDENOTE: The youngest is high functioning Autistic. For a long time, I thought (and was told) that autistic kids had a sensory aversion to clothes and liked to be naked. I don't buy that anymore. Because, if you think about it, who really WANTS to wear pants anyway?

Just as I was getting a handle on the color challenge, the DH calls and asks if I'm ready to go to the PTA meeting.

Needless to say, I was a little...okay...maybe quite a bit late in getting my card in. Which isn't the most polite thing to do since you happened to be asked to appear as a Guest Designer AGAIN by the challenge hostess.

I also might've been a little behind because I spent 2 days trying to figure out how to one-up myself after building a CAROUSEL!! How am I supposed to do that??? Sigh.

The colors were difficult for my card because I went the Christmas/Wreath route. Finally, in desperation, I sponged orange and yellow and a little red and stuck the wreath on 2 pieces of mounting tape and called it a day.

Thanks so much for asking me back this week!!!


  1. HOLY SH*T !! Carmen, that is SO FREAKING AWESOME !! Whoever you give that to, they are NEVER going to believe you made it yourself...that is unless you left inky fingerprints on the back. Not that I know anyone that's done that.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are the ONLY person who can say that and I KNOW it's the best damned compliment I've gotten in FOREVER!!!! LOL YOU are awesome!!!

  3. Gorgeous! The background colors almost seem to glow and make the wreath pop! I can't swear that it tops the carousel...I mean lets be real here, you built, created, crafted a FREAKIN' carousel for heaven's sake! It is however an awesome card. As are your eggs, they are WAAAAY beyond can't tell me that you'd actually give one of them away to someone????? I always look forward to your posts, they always make me smile, frequently giggle and have been know to cause hysterical laughter.

  4. Wow Carmen, this is amazing! So much detail and such gorgeous colors. Love, love, love it. I made a wreath card I won't be posting until next week but it isn't anywhere as pretty as this! Wow! Love your story too. I remember days like those - seemed like they were crazy days at the time but they were the best days looking back. Gorgeous work. I have to go find the carousel now. Hugz!