Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grand Theft Auto....with Squirrels

Uh-Oh. I lost track of time. I couldn't help myself!!! I just wanted to do ONE more entry into Impression Obsession's challenge "Shades of Fall".   

Not that this will matter to my 8-year-old...he knows I read books to him EVERY night. Without fail. Because I'm too scared to fail. That kid can exact revenge like no other. And he's upstairs now...plotting. The last time I pulled this, he insisted on the same Marley the Dog book for 3 weeks i a row. By the end of it, I knew every word and found myself trying to have conversations with adults in which my voice would shift into the different voices I used for the characters. It wasn't pretty. Neither was the intervention.

So...without further ado, here's my watercolor piece for Impression Obsession. Whom I love, but my fear of my kid and dog books far outweigh my need to write more.

Love ya, mean it, MWAAAH!

Impression Obsession
Pumpkin Pair E9419
Cover A Card Clouds CC091 
We Gather Together CL406
Clouds DIE068-A
Wheat DIE085-X
Classic Truck DIE218-I
Squirrel Set DIE213-D
Grass Border DIE060-I


  1. Oh this is suh-weet ! I love squirrels, pumpkins, fall colours and everything you did to make this so enjoyable to view! I am SO VERY ANNOYED that I didn't order those darn squirrels, and it's all your fault that I have to go kick myself!!

  2. HEY! I believe I remember reading that SOMEONE had a sister give her several sets of Spellbinders! Serves you right. :)---

  3. Soooooo cute! Love the critters driving behind those pumpkins! Awesome diorama!!

  4. Very cool card! Love the story about your son but I'd put him head to head against my 7 year old daughter any day. :) Congrats on your IO win!