Friday, October 3, 2014

Fabrege' Eggs

I found this tutorial here and she has some real beauties. She also made a 3D egg and, although there's no real tutorial, I'm going to try my hand at that as well. Her egg 'design papers' are collages and they can be purchased if you like. The rest was me finding out about (and falling in love with) Dresden gold ornaments and accents, as well as finally playing with changing the colors of metals that I learned here at SCS a long time ago and never did!! But I'm also dabbling in a little bit of mechanics and engineering with mixed media and I have to tell you...I'm simply enthralled.


  1. Are you effing kidding??!! You did not make that! Good Grief ! I've got to go lay down before I fall over!!

  2. LOL Yes...I did! That woman's tutorials weren't the easiest to follow, but I figured it out! I'm telling you...I LOVE this mixed media stuff!!!!!

  3. Holy crap Batman! I thought the last project was amazing. I don't think I can handle whatever is coming next.