Wednesday, October 22, 2014


How I LOVE the advent of the shadowbox! This is the companion piece to the first piece I made for my mother, which has 2 ladies from this 1960's Vogue sewing pattern. I coped the women, fussy cut them, then put lots of crystals, pearls and sparkle. It's a quick project with lots of personality!

Whatever happened to the A-line dress, anyway? For chubby girls, like yours truly, who carries LOTS of fat in her stomach area but still has decent legs, the A-line was a great female equalizer. Why? Because EVERYONE who wore the dang thing LOOKED pregnant!! I could've held my own in the 1960's A-line. Granted, they still make them, but not usually in sizes larger than a 2. Oh, well.

This makes a charming, 'thrifty' gift for friends OR for your own craft room or laundry! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. How I regret trashing all those patterns from the 60's. This is AWESOME and what treasured memories for your Mom!