Monday, September 29, 2014

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu

Oh, how I hate this is the last challenge in which I am a Color Challenge Goddess!

Sorry...not 'Goddess'. I meant "Guest Designer". Got a little mixed up. They both have the letter 'G' and some vowels.

For my final project, I bring you the Color Challenge Christmas Carousel! At just over 12 inches, this sucker is the largest project I've ever papercrafted.

For now. heh heh

Remember last week's challenge? Of course you don't!! That was my PLAN!! I had to do something to erase the shame and failure I felt after throwing a tantrum (and then my project!) and having only a couple of hours to come up with an ornament. I'd appreciate if you'd believe that I did all that on purpose, and that I really didn't produce something that lackluster...that it was only to lower your expectations so I could spring THIS on you. It would REALLY make things easier for me if you'd be so kind as to believe that bull hockey.

Now, for those of you who saw my "Ibuprofen in a Pez Dispenser" listed as one of my techniques, I'll have you know that I was making a joke. I would NEVER keep something like Ibuprofen in a Pez Dispenser!

It's my anti-anxiety meds that go in the Pez.

Before you start yelling at me about safety issues, I'll have you know that my children are never at risk for accidentally taking any meds from said Pez. My children go pale and threaten to apply for a foster parent if I so much as TRY to make them take a VITAMIN. So, no danger there. Besides, keeping my meds in this way actually HELPS the medicine work more effectively! I mean, really..,how anxious can you really be when you go to take your meds and you have to tilt the head of Homer Simpson and have him regurgitate a pill through his neck? It's downright hilarious!

Keeping a med-filled Pez Dispenser is also convenient. Just ask my Mother-in-Law. No,'ll have to ask her. She's not really speaking to me. But hey...had SHE kept her 'nerve pills' in a Pez Dispenser instead of sewn into her bra lining (which I-trying to be helpful-put into the washing machine) then she would've had her pills and we would still have our twice a year visits!

What? I'm a little choked up! I am NOT laughing! You're imagining things.

I also maintain it's much safer to keep my meds stored in my PD. It's not like anyone would think to steal it...they're looking for cash and ACTUAL medicine bottles! In fact, I don't think ANYONE would EVER steal a Pez Dispenser. What would they want with it? The candy?? Those little brick-like (in shape AND consistency!) pellets that look like what a chipmunk would eat and a rabbit would poop? GAK!

Well, my friends, it looks like I've not only come to the end of the challenge, but the end of this story. Which I had no intention of telling. But the strangest things happen when I drink wine and then decide to spray paint random embellishments metallic gold!!

In closing, I've got to thank the Color Challenge Coordinator, Hostesses and DT. Barbara, Margaret, Karen, Becky, Vicki and Mary, I will NEVER forget this experience and the fact you asked me means more than you'll ever know. I want to send all of you big hugs and MUCH love! This is the FIRST time I've been selected to do anything like this and it meant the world to me. Love also to Pat, the other Guest Designer, and one fine artist! Today, Pat and I will bask in the glow of glory. Tomorrow, we'll be sobbing on each others shoulder.

Not for long, though. I've got my Pez Dispenser and I'm NOT afraid to use it.

By the way, THIS is my craft room after being hunkered down for 3 days with this project and a few smaller ones going on. Welcome to MY world! LOL

The DARK side of crafting...



  1. Wow Carmen that is one amazing carousel!!! Over the top impressive! Congrats on your guest designer spot!

  2. OMG, that carousel is beyond words gorgeous! Your craft room looks perfectly normal to me, esp. given the creation that just emerged from it. As for Homer..makes perfect sense to me. Have to tell you that my DH always knows when I'm reading your posts...must be from the noises that I'm making, ya think??

  3. Fabulous just super cute.

    Hugs Diane

  4. Hey Carmen! So glad to see that someone's craft room looks a lot like mine! ;)

  5. This project is another totally AMAZING creation. This had to take some serious hours! Love it! Love your post too - so fun to read as always. Also Love your craft room pics! You are a brave soul - I would never show pictures of my craft room (it is pretty scary) or tell where I hid my meds - LOL! Hugz!