Thursday, September 11, 2014

For the Hero in all of US.

 This is my 4th attempt at egg carton stone and my first on paper. I absolutely adore this technique! In fact, I have YET to do a video and I do believe THIS may have to be it! Especially when there's only one youtube video available and it's, well, different from my style. Ahem.

My Aunt lives about 20 minutes from me in an incredibly small town. Climax, North Carolina, is VERY rural. The gentle, rolling hills of the Uwharrie Mountains, happen one of the most special places in the world, to me. My Aunt and I are avid horseback riders and we have ridden over those hills, in the shadow of those mountains, and it truly is paradise.

My Aunt lives in an old, white farmhouse. It's REALLY in the middle of nowhere, it seems, and it's perfect. If you take your coffee and stroll out to sit on the front porch, you'll be amazed by how quiet it is. There isn't anyone in sight. It's just the sun, the quiet and the hills. If you look hard enough, you'll see something in the's actually a house. It can be easy to miss, but it's there. It is the home of Pat and John Waugh.

Pat and John Waugh may not be familiar names to you, and that's normal. Their daughter, Sandy Waugh, probably will not ring a bell either. Sandy grew up on their 90 acre farm, across from my Aunt, and would go on to marry Phil Bradshaw, a US Airways Pilot, and they would go on to set up their home in Greensboro, NC.

Sandy dreamed of being a Flight Attendant and would become one; first, for US Airways and then for United Airlines.

It's starting to sound familiar now, isn't it?

On September 11, 2001, Sandy Bradshaw was a stewardess on United Flight 93. She called her husband and told him that the plane was being hijacked and that some passengers had devised a plan to rush the hijackers, while she and another stewardess boiled water to throw on the hijackers.

I loved Michelle's challenge and found it absolutely appropriate and incredibly creative!! KUDOS, Michelle! I also found it allowed me to pay tribute to Sandy, and all the heroes who have lived and died among us.

Winston Churchill was a fascinating and brilliant man. The US owes much to him. I wanted to create this 'granite' wall, with his quote from the SU! set Courage. Which took me forever to find and that I paid WAY too much for, so that I could have this quote.

It was worth every penny.

I don't feel sad or somber, today. It's a day I remind my children that we can all be heroes by taking a stand for what is right. It doesn't have to be in a moment of duress, it can be the quiet strength to stand alone in truth, while the majority stands against you.

If we lean on our Faith, and the strength of each other, we can perform heroics every day and in many ways.

I genuinely feel that all of you here are sisters, and I stand with you now and always will. Here's to the heroes and the lessons they taught us. Here's to us and the lessons we will teach our children.

God Bless America.
America, Bless God.

Peace out. ;)

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