Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Secret Garden (Altoids) Tin

 I can't believe I finally finished this thing. You have to understand: When I first stumbled on this project, I fell in love. Totally and completely. I knew that I HAD to CASE it...I didn't care what it cost or how much time it took, I WAS IN LOVE AND I DIDN'T CARE WHAT THE WORLD THOUGHT!!!

Let me take care of the important thing first...HERE is the original tin, created by Nichola Battilana. Hers is out of this world!! You should also check out her blog...she created a 'Fairy Store', replete with wands and bottles of magic powders and dust...words can't do it justice. Suffice it to say that my CASEing anything of hers is as crazy as someone trying to paint Rembrandt. But I gave it my best.

I ordered the garland and moss from alphastamps. The garden sink is from Prima and it came in white. So, I took some brown alcohol ink and aged it. Using glossy accents, I created the stream from the spigot and used clear and blue microbeads. The rest was just having a good time, putting flowers and tiny butterflies everywhere, while getting completely stoned on E6000. I'm telling you, I don't even know if I can TAKE credit for this project, since I'm not sure I remember doing most of it!

The trellis I created out of coffee stirrers, stained with distress stain. The outside stone was created with....wait for it...wait for it....

egg cartons.


Here's the tut I used and it's fabulous.

That's enough for me tonight...I HAVE to get this craft room in order because my sister is coming to stamp in the morning. I'm looking at a lot of work.

Or, I could just drink some wine, eat chocolate and find lots of stuff to glue.

Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

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