Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Teapotter Hoedown!!! Wait...a Hoedown??? Which girl fell????

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Sorry. I'm easily amused by myself. 
First, allow me to give credit where credit is due...I found this Altoids can design here http://kbatsel.blogspot.com/2014/08/...ore-snark.html and I loved it so much that I'm making these for gifts! They are TOO cute!! The card, on the other hand, is all my fault. DANG, I hate layers!!! I get more and more stressed out as I go. I really don't know why this is...knowing my personality, you'd think I'd LOVE getting all' cray-cray' and throwing everything but the kitchen sink at a card and having a blast!

The thing is, I think my anxiety comes from personal knowledge of what chaos I AM capable of, and being afraid to let the crazy out to wreak havoc on my cards. You'd see some insanity, allright. Trust.

So, I made this a pair for some 'LUCKY' (HAH!) teapotter. If you receive this, you can make a magnet out of the can by getting some of that cheap magnetic strip and adhering it to the back. I thought about doing that but wanted to leave it up to whomever receives this treasure trove of mediocrity.

It has been a week since I got back from vacay, and I haven't done diddly-squat in the craft room. I have no idea why, unless it's the whole "I need a vacay after my vacay" thing. All I know is that I can barely keep my eyes open and want to sleep constantly.

It's so bad that when my husband requested a conjugal visit, I simply said "Fine. Just don't wake me up."

Anyway, we got back from vacay last Sat and school started Monday. So, perhaps that's the reason I'm so tired. I have lots of broken sleep. It takes at least 30 minutes of hard faking sleep when my husband is getting all the kids up and ready for school. After all this time, you'd think he'd figure out that I have NO intention of getting out of bed, no matter how hard he stomps and how many lights he turns on. To be fair, I spent decades rolling out of bed at 3 and 4am for work, so I feel entitled to sleep in the morning as much as I can.

Well, it's about that time...I came into the craft room to upload these pics and write this and I'm exhausted. I'm off to bed, but will see y'all bright and early in the morning.

Unless my husband wakes me up. Then I could very well be calling one of you for bail money.


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