Tuesday, December 1, 2015

IO Season's Greetings JEWELRY!

Well, well....look who's sliding into home plate at the last second for the Impression Obsession Challenge "Season's Greetings"!

This was one of those projects that started with the phrase "I wonder if I can..." 

Anything I attempt that starts with that phrase usually ends in one of three ways:

1-Spectacularly (rare)
2-"Meh" (underwhelming-this is common)
3-With the rapid arrival of EMT and/or Rescue Volunteers. (Usually the Volunteers, as the EMT's have found I make an unusually reliable-and frequent-training opportunity. 

Fortunately, today was NOT number 3, even though it involved heated copper, spray paint and E6000.

The question tonight was in response to realizing that Impression Obsession's deadline for their challenge was...tonight. 

The challenge was "Season's Greetings", which was easy enough, but sometimes even when you own virtually every die and plenty of Christmas stamps, it just isn't enough to give you a solid idea of what you want to do.

I've been playing around with art assemblage jewelry, when I said "I wonder if I can make actual jewelry from my Impression Obsession dies?" 

And it was on like Donkey Kong, friends.

I ran the Peace and bird die through the Big Shot and cut them from copper scraps. I heated the word until it turned that gorgeous shade of gold, with a little pink and blue-which you can't see in the photo. Sigh. 

I had a large, brass mistletoe which I spray painted silver. Then I used Gilder's Paste (black) to give some detail definition. A little E6000 finished the job. 

I wanted a little pop of color. I knew I wanted red and I knew it had to be something that made sense with the word. Cursing myself in a very un-Christmas-like manner for not ordering the cardinals die, I ended up using one of the birds from the Leafy Wreath die. I cut it from copper and coated it with red stickles. 

I glued the pin backing to the piece and it was done! And I was incredibly pleased with the outcome!! When I say it looks ten times more striking in person than the photo, I mean it! 

So, turns out you CAN make jewelry with your IO dies! 

WITHOUT becoming a training subject for your local rescue units.


Brass Findings




  1. HOLY effing SH*T !! Carmen, I bow to your brilliance! Did you seriously just throw this together today, or have you been working in a secret lab for a year with a bunch of metalsmithing minions?

    1. THERE you are!!! Left a comment for you several weeks back...didn't hear from you! Figured you were crazy busy...so glad to talk to you! Actually, it came together fast. I swear.. the stuff I agonize over and SHOULD be awesome never is...life is "bass ackwards", as they say. HAH! Will email later...mwaaaaah!

  2. I think you hit your #1...Spectacular! Thank goodness it didn't turn into a #3, yikes! This is lovely. The Poinsettia die makes a beautiful broach too! Thanks for playing in the IO challenge

  3. You definitely hit #1 with this gorgeous treasure. Wow! I am in awe. Thanks for playing in the IO challenge.

  4. Wow! A #1, without a doubt! Amazing! so impressed!

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