Monday, January 11, 2016

The Butterfly Effect

While visiting Dina's blawg here, I saw she got involved in a wonderful project called The Butterfly Effect...Be the change. 

Volunteers would be sent wooden butterflies to decorate and then hide...using clues and pictures posted to social media, others would find the butterfly and then have 250.00 donated to a charity of their choice. 

Go here to volunteer or read more.

Those of you who know me, KNEW there wasn't going to be any cutesey stuff going on with MY butterfly. The most important thing was that SOMETHING on this was gonna MOVE.

I embossed 2 long sheets of Tim Holtz's foil adhesive with different folders. Then I cut them in pieces and stuck them on at random. Then, I took an archival ink pad and ran it all over the front to highlight the embossed areas. A large piece of Dresden and a clock mechanism and BOOM! I was done. Well, OCD kicked in and I had to take strips of dresden and glue it around the outside edge to finish it off, but it came off well, I thought.

Yesterday, Jan 10th, was my drop date. I took my pictures and posted my clues and the thing was found within 12 hours.'s Burlington, NC,'s not like we have a lot to do.

Congrats to the person who found it and thanks to The Butterfly Effect...what a WONDERFUL group of people! Check them out! 

And while you're at it...BE THE CHANGE! 

The good change...not the one that serves as a cautionary tale. Like most of my changes. 

heh heh


  1. This is FANTASTIC! What a beautiful wall décor this would make- a butterfly clock! Who but you would have thought of this! Love the colors and the idea!

  2. I'm so excited that you did this! Makes me feel like I made a little butterfly wing wave. :) Love you.