Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tim's Tags 2016

I know that I'm the LAST person, it seems, to jump on the Tim's Tags train, but I am absolutely delighted that I did!

Mixed media freaked me out. There were just too many choices and the product selection was overwhelming. Not to mention that it was hard for me to just 'play'. I was ALWAYS feeling like I had to finish everything I started.

So, I grabbed a pack of cards, started back in 2008, and started making tags. Or the tag backgrounds, that is. Smartest thing I ever did. I had this background made by cutting adhesive backed foil and laying them on the tag. Using a ballpoint pen, a card and craft pick, I made 'rivets' and 'seams'. I washed it in black and used steel wool to lift most of it off.

I cut an extra set of fan blades (after using the embossing/chalk technique on the stamped image) and popped them up on mounting tape. Using 2 gears and the chain clip from Tim, I hung a fragment with a rub on. An extra long brad, also from Tim, and crystal accents held all of that in place.

I ordered the stamp set of robots and they should be here tomorrow. I'm totally seeing a second entry. I never thought I'd like the whole 'industrial' look...but I'm digging it!


  1. I'm diggin the work you did on the this. Almost looks like a real fan. Very grunge industrial, very Tim!! Great job!!

  2. I love this but then again, I'm a sucker for metal and grunge, neither of which I do very well! Awesome tag!