Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Ok, people. Look. We have a LOT of ground to cover today. You have GOT to keep up. 

I are absolutely blown away that I'm the one staying on-task. Trust me when I say that I'm a little amazed myself! But apparently this is the outcome when you double up on the ol' ADHD medication (by ACCIDENT, thankyouverymuch) then decide a stop at Starbucks is in order. 

I swear, I'm wound so tight I feel like I could run a 10k, chase down and hog tie a bunch of New York Democrats and extricate Mitch McConnell's head from his "ace", as we tend to pronounce it here in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.

Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration.

But I could definitely walk a 10k!

Oh no I don't! I'm not getting off track! Let's get started. First of all, I'm on my FIRST Design Team. (Raucous cheering in background) I know! I'm thrilled too!!! OMG!

Technique Junkies should be a familiar name to you. They've been on my radar for quite a few years and I've been a customer for as many. The fact I was asked to be on their design team honestly floored me. I never thought I'd ever be good enough to be asked to fill a spot on this team with these talented ladies and I don't think it has sunk in yet. But I'm honored and humbled. And I'm truly, truly grateful.

So all of you please go and buy stuff from them now.

Thank you. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Now, Technique Junkies is offering 15% off their NEW RELEASES until the 8th.  PAY ATTENTION NOW...THIS IS IMPORTANT. Like I said, 15% off automatically. However, you can use MY 10% off link at the top and get ANOTHER 10% off!! I KNOW!! Aren't you glad I made you pay attention???? Now you can really get a deal on this beauty, Bird and Letter Collage, that I made into a little clock, using embossing powder and a 5 x 5 canvas from the craft store!!

OR you can pick up THIS sentiment stamp that I stamped and cut apart and had my way with...HAH!

Love this dimensional paperweight! I found an old paperweight, used the sentiment stamp Who and What, used the flag and Rosie images (free!!) and it's headed out to my (step) DAUGHTER Danielle! 

I PROMISE I'll have tutorials on both up soon. But hey! You're smart can figure them out if you get impatient before I get a chance to post them. Right? Right!!

Next...I want you to get inspired by these lovely ladies! Here are the new release posts from the rest of the Technique Junkies as we launch our first blog hop of 2020!!!


Now...for the "Petite" Giveaway!

Only 2 requirements. You must be follower of my blawg and leave a comment. That's it. I'll use Robokiller or Robocop or Rococo or whatEVER the name of that number generator is and the winner will receive the following:

Stampin Up! Cardstock Pretty in Pink
150 pc Flat Back Rhinestones
Watercolor Water Brush
Tim Holtz Stacked Words Valentine Die
7 Gypsies Recipe Cards
Graphic 45 6 x 6 Come Away With Me
2 Bead Gallery Bead Strands
2 Tim Holtz Burlap Panels
1 Authentique Paper Pack 6 x 6
Graphic 45 Cheers Party Celebrate Tags
Tim Holtz Halloween Embossing Folder
Dylusions Journaling Tags

Unfortunately, this contest is only open to participants in the US. Boo. Hiss.

Oh, fine. If you win and you're international, I'll put something together for you that's REALLY, REALLY LIGHT. Then I'll draw again for a US resident for the main prize. Are you happy now???

The things I do for love. I am SUCH a fabulous person. Mmwahh. Mmwahh. Hug. Pat. "Oh, you ARE the greatest! Yes you are, punkin! Just the best!"

Oh! Sorry. I just needed a moment of alone time with myself, there.

Winner announced and an ever bigger prize coming up on the 3rd so do NOT delete the email when it comes. Oooohhhh, and don't think I don't know that you've done it before. But let's not quibble. I'm just saying don't do it on the 3rd. It'll be then you'll discover WHY I'm doing this in the first place...and it ain't just to grow my blog numbers. Here's a hint...or three:

1-My boys.

That's all you're getting til the 3rd.

Now go and hop some blogs (that sounds mildly dirty, doesn't it?) and buy some Technique Junkies stamps. Click through on my discount so you get the EXTRA 10% on top of the 15%! No code needed for the'll be there waiting. I'll see you on the 3rd!


  1. You are so funny and I love your style!

    1. You are so sweet and I love YOU!! TY so much!! 😍 About halfway up it says "follow by email...I hope you sign up! Would love to have you follow the blog!

  2. Welcome to the team. Your work is truly amazing. The clock is such a unique project and that stamp works well. Your second project rocks my world!!

    1. Beth...You have made me feel so welcome and so dang GOOD about my work! Ok...not just good...I'm actually feeling great. In fact, so great that I'm about ready to blow this Popsicle stand and hit the big time like Hero Arts. Oh yeah. Or Sizzix. (Is it just me or does the "big time" sound absolutely ridiculous in print? 😂😂😂😂) Of course, I'm teasing. Coming from an artist like you, it means a great deal. Ty Beth!!!

  3. Judy-thank you!!! If I can get to your level of artwork AND produce as many as you do (I got to 5...almost had a nervous breakdown...seriously. You'll see why as we go along this month) then I'll be happy. This means a lot to me. xoxo

  4. This post had me laughing out loud! Definitely with you on 'Mitch' Love your clock idea - that was pure genius! The paperweight is awesome, as well! Can't wait to see more of your creations! Happy New Year from your newest email follower!

    1. You sweetheart!! Thank you so much! I'm THRILLED you're now part of the sheer insanity! I'm glad you enjoy the times when my meds start to wear off and OCD decides to make an appearance. Even better when he performs a duet with ADHD. I'm telling's a helluva "All Star Revue" when those 2 meet up!

  5. Loved your usual, you brought a smile to my face! Thanks for the chance to win! Looking forward to the 3rd!

    1. I just realized by answering everyone that I'M probably going to win this thing!! YAY ME!! Oh...wait...😂😂😂 😍

  6. Nice to see you posting! I've always been a fan of your eclectic creations. And congratulations if you are on a design team! Great news!

    1. TY so much!! So good to hear from you! Miss you terribly!

  7. Love the canvas clock cute idea for office mates. Love your TK sprays!