Friday, January 3, 2014

I make** remark about New Jersey...

...and I forget that I'M on EST!!

Actually, I didn't forget. I had lots of fun stuff happen the flu-like symptoms I'm struggling with now. GAK.

But I REFUSED to let the NyQuil kick in before I mentioned the blog candy winner tonight~

How many EF's are currently residing in my craft room after-literally-ONE year of doing this? I actually had someone nail it right on the head!!

Hi peony lover and bug despiser. I circle my bed in the spring looking for the first shoots to appear and it is a very happy time. As to your embossing folders, the number you have that it, you said you over spend so hopefully it is just double digits not triple. so I am going to say double mine which would be about 64.

64 is dead on. Spooky. It's like you people know everything about you're peeking into my home!

But I know I'm silly...only the NSA does that on a regular basis. It used to bother, it's kind of kinky.

Congrats Carole!! Email me your mail addy and I'll have that package out first thing in the morning!! New contest starts Monday and I'll have you pick your OWN prize!!

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