Monday, January 6, 2014

Surprising you with "Things I Do Not Like"

Oooohhhhh....Aaaahhhhhh....GAK! I don't like this vintage/mixed media stuff.

I know you're surprised by being 'vocal' about things I don't care for...being that this blog is all 'sunshine and light," this juxtaposition may unnerve some of you. But be assured...your hostess is STILL filled with all the flowery sweetness you've come to expect from her.

I HATE this mixed media/vintage craze. Don't get me wrong...II LOVE looking at it and think that this genre is incredible when OTHER artistes produce it. I love how things are jumbled together yet form a message...a work of art.

When it comes to ME, my philosophy is to throw all the Tim Holtz 'ephemera' (a much prettier way to say cr*p, I think) on something and try to do some strange things to it and VOILA! I did it!! But with this challenge, I told myself to try to figure out a 'theme'. I need 'themes' in my life. Desperately. So, my theme here is to say 'travel, go, do'. The butterflies are punched out of a map, there's a compass and balloon. It's also a 'thanks to Tim Holtz for having occasional sales of all KINDS of 'theme ephemera' for me to throw on the tag. I resolve to stop being afraid of...well...whatever this genre is and go forward, confidently. With Xanax.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and more Blog Candy...TBA! Check back because, this week, we're getting down and dirty with Gift Certificates from one of my FAVES...yours too, I bet!!


  1. Can't say I'm all that into it either. Just more stuff to spill on myself and everything around me, and I really don't know what to do with all the TH craphemera. Your tag turned out well, way better than I could do. What are you supposed to do with all the tags ? I've never figured out what they are for.

  2. A very neat tag, I like this style. You do it well.