Friday, January 3, 2014

Oooohhhhhh.....y'all done got lucky!!

It's a rough one today for me, so that means it'll be an easy one for you!!! 

I'm buried in my down comforter, trying to regain feeling in my numb limbs. No, the numbness is not from the herniated disc this time, but from the fact it's 90 below zero here in North Carolina  

The thermometer says 35 but don't be fooled: it's so cold that if every man and woman here stepped outside naked, everything would freeze and fall off and you couldn't tell which was which. 

Or some southern euphemism similar to that effect. 

Don't forget that today we announce our 2nd blog candy winner! 

I asked you to guess how many embossing folders, to include embossing plates, that I currently have snuggled up in my Stamp-n-Storage tote. I'm talking full folders: I'm not counting the strips. 

Feel free to answer up to three times, on every post, under your actual name. Then, feel free to create fake ID'a and answer up to three times on each post with that one too. The way I see it is if you're that determined to win, then you should! LOL 

Origunally, I thought about announcing the winner this afternoon, but let's make the actual announcement at 8 PM tonight, EST. For those of you in foreign places I'm not familiar with, ie. Nova Scotia, Guam or New Jersey, I would suggest google. 

Besides, it may take me a bit to get my sister over here to count. She lived in Atlanta, Georgia for most of her life and that's two states even farther south than North Carolina. So if I'm hurting, you know SHE'S probably comatose. 

I wish you all good luck and thank you for participating! If you're having fun with this, I can guarantee I'm having more!

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  1. Hey ! I was almost one of those naked people that day,only I was in exotic Nova Scotia where it was eleven degrees colder than NC. After a few hours of shoveling in a blizzard, I had removed all the layers I could off my over-heated body and not scare the neighbours by shoveling wearing nothing but boots. My DH kept yelling at me to go in, because shoveling in a blizzard is an exercise in futility, but that blizzard had given me a bad migraine and it was darn well going to fix it ! Usually, I go to bed with 2lbs of ice on my head, but being outside in the freezing cold works too. But I have discovered ( don't ask how), that the neighbours get a little upset if they see me lying face down in a snow bank for long periods of time. It is far better to pretend to shovel snow than explain that no,you don't in fact, need an ambulance!