Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cherished Mother Swap Shrine

I know it's just me, but how do you NOT feel weird when using the word 'swap' in the same sentence as the Virgin Mary????

But it IS for a swap. Our theme for this month is 'Cherish'. And when you think of that word, the first thing to come to mind is a shrine. Right?

Okay...the FIRST thing that came to mind for me was the song 'Cherish' from the 70's. It was sung by the group The Association. I LOVED that song! Remember???

"Cherish is the word I used to describe,
All the feelings that I have hiding here for you inside"

What an awesome song. 

Unfortunately, having OCD, when I hear a song like this from the distant past, my OCD kicks into overdrive and the melody and lyrics tend to play on loop in my head until I'm ready to track down every last member of The Association and END them.

To combat this, I tend to make up different lyrics to the endless loop playing in my head,. For example:

"Garish is the word that more than describes,
What my husband's ex-wife looks like all the time"


"Perish is the word that always coincides
with my in-laws visits for which my doctor won't prescribe" doesn't have to make sense...I just need to derail the dang thing.

Much like the original topic to the post has been completely derailed. And yes...I blame the ASSociation for that, too.

Back to my original concern...and what it was is anybody's guess at this point, so I'll just move on.

I really, REALLY like to see how far I can take a project. I used to make shrines from Altoid cans. But since they weren't the right size for an ATC, I knew I'd have to make one by hand. Using thin chipboard, black cardstock, velvet and flocked paper and a gorgeous picture of the Blessed Mother and Son, I grabbed some Dresden scrap and went to town. 

I made the altar from chipboard and glued the chalice, candlestick and cross on top. Most everything was adhered using glue dots and E6000. As for time, it actually was a pretty quick project. Of course, my design isn't exactly straight and the bottom part is a little wavy and I can see the shine from the E6000 and the gold gilt on the edges is a little splotchy...wait...excuse me...I need a moment with my OCD:

Me: YOU...YOU...don't you make me say it in a post about the Blessed Mother and Son

OCD: (mockingly) Careful!! You're getting awfully close to having to go to confession! And you know what happened last time!!

Me: Yeah...I know what happened last time...I had to explain how I ended up in a Confessional when I'm NOT EVEN A CATHOLIC!!!! 

OCD: (giggling) Sorry...that was pretty funny. Except to the priest, of course.

Me: Yes...freaking hilarious. But I'll tell you what...if you start nitpicking this project and make me tear it up and redo it, I promise you I will medicate you out of existence. I may have to sit around and drool for a couple of weeks, but you'll suffer...I promise....because NO ONE will talk to you, or listen, in Purgatory. And you know what else? There are lots and lots of framed pictures in Purgatory...and every single one of them is tilted. And no matter how many times you set them straight, they'll tilt again. And there's

OCD: You know, you don't have to be so hateful! I'm only here to help!! But the project is great!! I swear! Don't change a thing! Not even that rhinestone on the left that seems a little..I's fantastic!!! Wow. Look at the time. I'm going to punch out a little early and let Child and Mother-Related Anxiety get an early start. I'll see you tomorrow!! Or some day. Maybe. 

See? You just have to take charge of your neurosis every once in awhile and stand firm. You have to be strong and confident enough to KNOW that you've done a really good job and that you can take pride in what you've done. You did it to the best of your ability, so be proud!

And I'll do just soon as I fix that *(&(*&(*  rhinestone.

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  1. I have seen your work first hand and there is no crooked, off center or any of those things! Only you see them, no one else. This is gorgeous and so beautifully done. What you call quick, to most of us it would not happen in a million years!