Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Stamp-n-Storage Junkie Comes Clean

It was bound to happen at some point.

Crafters have a need...a deep-seated, gnawing desire for organization. 

We want it...we crave it...we have to have it. Yet, when it comes time to choose between an ink pad holder and a new set of ink pads, well, we can't help ourselves. Product over product placement, almost every time.

Until the scale tilts just a little too much and you've had it. You need SOMETHING. Just one or two things to hold the *&%^&^ paper and pens. Just to keep them organized and near to hand. So you start searching. And in my case, 8 years ago, I stumbled on a company that was just starting up, who made simply awesome products out of wood. Some guy in Minnesota, whose wife happened to be a stamper and put him to work making storage systems for her craft room when he got home from work.

On a side note, she could make a fortune with seminars titled "How to tell your husband to do something in a way in which he does it. Immediately."

THAT'S a few million just WAITING to be made, people.

I'm kidding, of course.

I liked these people because they made high-quality product for really good prices. And they're people who stand behind what they make. They're also people of faith. I like them and their company. A lot.

So, I became an Ambassador! That's where I say lots of nice things about them that are all true and tell you that you should get your butt in gear and buy their products and make your life easier while protecting your investment. This is also true. Just use my link if you do. That way, I earn a percentage that I use to buy more SNS. I haven't earned a dime yet, but feel free to be the first to help me do so!

All right...let's go! 

I'm in the process of redoing this wreck of a craft room. Here's one side that's in pretty good shape. My pano isn't so bad either.

I'm going to have to walk the dog in a bit and want to post this so I'll come back in a bit and identify everything...I promise! But for now, I'm going to give you pics and basic explanations.

Still shots left to right on the pano

Tim Holtz Distress Pad/Reinker/Marker Holder also for Dioxides Also regular inkpad holder. Two types punch holders. Also just got the awesome little holder for alcohol inks and reinkers on the desk.

Another punch holder and one of two 6 drawer sets. One of many shelves I have from SNS. This is a smaller one and a bigger one is to the right

ANOTHER punch holder but this is how I make my flowers! I LOVE my Mcgill punches!!

NOW...the OTHER side of the room...

Just had large shelves put in to replace space eating bookcases. I'm waiting on a third 8-1/2 x 11 paper holder with 15 slots instead of 12. They just started offering this after I purchased these two or I would've ordered them! 

Embossing folder holder

I have two diecut holders I'm reorganizing. I use SNS magnet cards too. 

NOW...I JUST GOT THIS AND I"M SO EXCITED!!! Since starting with Technique Junkies, I'm already drowning in stamps. Nice problem to have, but still need a way to file them in a way I'm not running out of space, right?? Well, here ya go!

SNS has stamp storage cards and stamp cards. You take the stamp card and peel off one protected side. You can fill both sides using poly stamps or one side with rubber stamps.

Naturally, I'd put another sentiment stamp next to these because there's more than enough space left on this side. But, afterwards, I take the pics of the stamps (because i can NEVER figure out what a stamp is) and put it in the back of the stamp folder with the stamp card.

For the tab at the top, you purchase these Avery labels. I bought 2000 for 9 bucks from Amazon

Then you put the card in the crate. 

The crate holds 100 of these!!!! WOOT WOOT!! 

Granted, it'll take time to get it together. But when I'm not feeling creative, this is what I do. And it makes me feel a LOT better to find stuff when I need it. At some point, I'll tell you the true story of how I ended up losing over a hundred bucks worth of merchandise, which was the catalyst to my looking for-and finding-SNS.

So, my friends...that's my, click away!!! 


  1. Very impressive storage units, and stamp studio. I'd love to have a better system for holding my cardstock. DH made me a spread sheet so I am slowly taking inventory of all my stamps. What a chore.

    1. They're running 15% off and free ship through today. One of their best sales. But they'll run it again! Worth every dime. Taking me forever to organize all the stamps, but one step at a time. One VERY slow *&^&% step at a time. Mostly while I'm drinking. It's the only way to bear the monotony. I end up putting the wrong labels on many of the stamps but, when gin is involved, I don't seem to care that much. Hmmmmmm.....

  2. What an amazing transformation. Since I was privileged enough to see the before photos this is quite a bit of organizing. It looks wonderful! Not as fun as the before photos but I’m sure it’s much more pleasant working in there.

  3. Don't worry...anything I touch ends up turning into sheer comedy. Even organization isn't safe from me.