Monday, March 16, 2020

More March NEW RELEASE Fun-Bandanna Mandalas

Hello everyone! 

It's Carmen and it's my turn to feature one of our new release stamps for March!

Bandannas! I LOVE this stamp! 

I was a little intimidated because it was so bold and gorgeous that I knew I wanted to make it shine by itself but couldn't figure out what to do with it. Then, I remembered a cool technique I learned from watching a youtube video from many months ago. For the LIFE of me I can't find it again...I had to use a small canvas I'd made as a guide. But all you need are the following:

1-A regular pencil (with an unused eraser)
2-A fat pencil with an unused eraser (think pencils for kids beginning to write)
3-Small, round dowel (I used a 1/8)
4-A tiny tool to make a dot. I used a flower shaping tool but you can use a stylus
5-Acrylic Paint and some metallic paint

I stamped the image in black on some hot pink cardstock. Then, I simply started dotting. When I finished dotting, I dotted inside the dotting!

There was a LOT of dotting going on here, people.

But I really loved the effect. And it truly is VERY easy. Once you do the first one, it's a cakewalk after. I PROMISE!

I ALSO promise to give you 10% off this stamp purchase or ANYTHING you purchase at Technique Junkies! Just type in TJCarmen10 in the coupon code when you checkout and it's all yours, baby!

Go ahead...try the mandala art! You'll be shocked at how good you are on your FIRST attempt! That's another promise!

Enjoy stamping!

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  1. Beautiful and fun and looks fun to do! Such an upbeat and lively piece. Love it!