Monday, December 9, 2013

I SHOULD be incarcerated for this!!

Look, people...look hard and look carefully...THIS is what insomnia and possible craft glue inhalation looks like. Good Lord. The ONLY reason I submitted this to SCS Sketch Challenge 465, is because I believe bot it and I can be a cautionary tale...AND I pray it'll count toward any public service I'm ordered to perform.

I hope.

It started with taking a piece of SU! DP at 6 inches and scoring it every half inch. Then, I fan folded it, painted some craft sticks and used crystal accents to gllue them to the fan. I used my big bite to punch holes in the bottom of the stick and inserted a brad and VOILA! A pretty fan. Thinking it would look good on a card, I moseyed on over to Sketch Challenge and thought 'I'll do a quick challenge card." THAT, my friends, is usually the phrase that leads you into the abyss. The fan DOES look pretty on a card...but using it as #1 on a SIX LAYER SKETCH IS MADNESS!!! 

Actually, I love intricate sketches. Did this one work? One second I like it, the next I'm ready to check into card rehab. The ONLY good thing that seemed to come from this is that I FINALLY remembered to take the right amount of Cymbalta. I can count on my doc's approval, at least!!

At any rate, here's the recipe The dream sentiment was inserted into the fan and the metal cherry blossom underneath. A strip of Graphic 45 Bird Song paper and the small swatch of green under the black punched paper to the left is from the same collection. Martha Stewarts fan punch around the page is the punch I used and I put the green in there to balance the color...the punch was to balance the design. 

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